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Julie Wills
Why are they "BOY's Toys"? Girls need tech toys too!
Why are they "BOY's Toys"? Girls need tech toys too!


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Why your Google account is important

Your gmail address isn't just for email. It's the identifier for your Google account as a whole. Unfortunately, many people don't realise that the "throwaway" Google/gmail account that they set up to use with their Android phone is the mechanism that Google uses to keep track of every app you've installed, and every purchase and subscription you pay for (whether they're for Android or not) in the Play Store.

Make sure you save your account details somewhere safe, use the same account on every device, AND keep your password recovery details up to date.

For more details about adding recovery options to your account, see
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Interview with the designer of the Gemini PDA and its older brother, the Psion 5

I was a huge fan of the Psion 5 and 5mx, and I've backed the Gemini ( I'm looking forward to getting mine in January.

I'm also looking forward to listening to this podcast interview with the designer of both the Android/Linux Gemini and its predecessor the Psion 5/5mx.

You can find it at
MEX Design Talk Psion revisited in the Gemini PDA? Martin Riddiford & Davide Guidi via @PodcastAddict
MEX Design Talk Podcast RSS Feed:

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Delete, report, & block comments, and delete all recent comments by the poster on your own Google+ posts in one step

This is similar to the community tools announced recently. People have been asking for better tools to deal with spam on their own posts, and this should be a big help in the fight against spammers.

Note that this is only available for comments on your own posts, and available for web interface only, including on mobile. For comments on others' posts you can still report them, of course.

Great stuff +Leo Deegan
Delete, report, block

Hello folks, a third update this week. By popular demand, we'll be rolling out a feature over the next few days that will allow you to perform a delete, report, and block action on comments on your posts.

This is similar to the remove, report, and ban action we launched a while ago for community moderators:

The launch today, however, is to provide you an equivalent action on your own posts.

To invoke this feature, select "Delete, report, and block" from a comment. You can optionally select "Also delete recent comments by this user" if you want to additionally remove recent comments from the user on your posts.

Incidentally, this image is for illustrative purposes. I am not actually planning on blocking +Greg Wolfe, who is a valuable member of our team (and also the lead for this feature).

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New Insights and Dashboard for Community Owners and Moderators.
Community Insights dashboard

Hello folks, over the next several days, we'll be rolling out a new dashboard for community moderators that provides informative metrics for their communities.

Moderators will notice a new community "Manage" button (previously "Moderate"). The Insights dashboard appears as the first tab and includes helpful membership and engagement metrics.

You can read more from our G Suite blog post here, which also describes a community report for G Suite admins:

And you can refer to the Help Center article here:

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New Advanced Google+ Search operators currently for the web interface only works on web and in mobile apps. Lots of useful options here (see the link to the help centre article for all of them).
Advanced search operators

Over the next few days, we'll be rolling out advanced search operators to the Google+ search box to assist you in refining your Google+ search queries. For example, I typed from:"Ina Gat" has:photo commenter:me into the search box and rediscovered this nice bokeh shot from +Ina Gat.

You can search for posts that have particular attachments (like has:poll), posts where you were mentioned (like mention:me), posts before or after a date (like before:2016-04-01), posts in communities or collections, and more! You can even use operators like AND, NOT, and OR.

Read the complete set of rules at:


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Goodbye BeyondPod; Hello Podcast Addict
Years ago, I used to use Doggcatcher.  I can't even remember which apps I used before that.  I'd evaluated others, including "everybody's favourite" PocketCasts, but few had the sort of control and customisation I was looking for.  Then, in around 2011 or so, following an online discussion about podcatchers, I decided to try out BeyondPod. This year, I moved on again.

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I've literally just installed KWGT, and I'm not sure whether what I want to do is possible, so here goes:
My objective is to create a custom widget and save it in a way that allows me to select the saved widget to use as an overlay in Floating Apps. Specifically I want to design my own widget for my podcast app that I can overlay over Maps whilst driving.

The widget would consist of 3 things:
The podcast app's own 1x1 Play/Pause widget with podcast artwork in the background, and on each side of that, my own Tasker shortcuts to Rew / FF, as in the screenshot.

So essentially, I want to use KWGT to assemble the existing elements into one container that I can reference in another app.

Is this possible, and if so, how do I go about it?


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Improvements to desktop notification page

Hey folks, over the next couple of days, we'll be rolling out some highly requested usability enhancements to the desktop notifications landing page (

Open in a new tab: You will be able open a notification in a new tab via right-click menu, [cmd|ctrl]-click or middle-click. (Note that this keeps the notification in an unread state.)

Profile hovercards: Hovering over any profile picture will bring up the profile hovercard. Additionally, profile pictures are click targets, so they can similarly be opened in a new tab.

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The made for +Google site has launched, listing partner brands that are specifically designed for Google's Pixel phones and Pixelbook laptop.

Not all of the brands here offer USB accessories, but those that do offer USB-C accessories have been built to Google's standards.

If you are an accessory maker and wish to participate in the partnership program, contact

Welcome to the English language Google+ Updates community

Please read the community rules (in About Community) before posting or commenting. You can access "About" by clicking on the down arrow symbol next to About community in the left side bar on desktop, or on the down arrow symbol next to the community name on mobile.

The membership of this community has grown enormously, but sadly, so has the presence of Spammers. Your moderation team has decided to take tough action to keep the community relevant and on-topic. Spammers will instantly be banned and have their posts and comments removed. If you feel that you have been unjustly banned from the community, please create a post +mentioning one or more of the moderators so that we can consider lifting the ban.

If you do see spam or trolls in the community, please do not interact with them - that simply raises their profile for other users. Instead, use the in-app reporting tools available to you. That is the most effective way to help Google's filters and abuse team.

Off topic posts will be removed, and the author will be reminded to keep posts relevant to the community. If it appears that you have repeatedly accidentally posted to the community (e.g. if you didn't realise that G+ defaults to the same audience as your last post, not to Public), you may be removed from the community to break the cycle, but you will be able to join again.
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