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This is awesome!
Some schools are replacing detention with meditation, and science is backing them up.
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Made this for my Hubby back in July. He told me all he wanted for his Birthday was a Tardis Cake. I considered making a really elaborate cake that was blue, but since we have so many restricted diets in the fam, and German Chocolate is his fave, I decided to go with a #GlutenFree #CaneSugarFree #Paleo #GermanChocolateCake. Then I went the lazy route on the Tardis and bought one. Still, the cool thing is, he now has it forever and can display it on his desk at work. Win-win I say! Sorry the cake isn't perfectly symmetrical; it got a little 'wibbly-wobbly' during transport. ;) #Tardis #DrWho #Whovian

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Julie Thorup

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Totally! Batman all the way!
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Julie Thorup

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Just think how an opportunity like this would have changed your childhood! Please support!
A 9 year old's first book, an illustrated Children's book
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Julie Thorup

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I guess I forgot to share this earlier. . . Hope you all enjoy it!
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Julie Thorup

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The whole thing about vaccination is – it’s supposed to keep you safe. If you’re vaccinated against measles, you shouldn’t get measles. If you are vaccinated against whooping cough, you shoul…
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Julie Thorup

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Here's an unexpected tribute to the King of Pop for Poetic Moments Monday.
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Julie Thorup

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This is so fascinating! I think it can apply to any important relationship one wants to maintain. I'm definitely going to try to be better about responding to my children's "bids" as well as my husbands.
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Julie Thorup

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When I had limited ingredients in my house recently, I was looking through the pantry and saw a big can of pumpkin that I had purchased in bulk back in November, but I'd only ended up using one or two of the cans and still ha...
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The luckiest lady you're likely to meet!
I'm a mom with three adorable little girls & a sexy-hot hubby who's truly my best friend. I'm a professional photographer, but currently dabble in many other hobbies.
I used to write articles about budget fashion for, but have moved my writing to focus on more personal projects of late. I.E. I'm currently working on a novel that is based on a story that I wrote when I was 14. I'm hoping to illustrate some of my stories, so I've been attending a critique group for the past 7 or so years, enjoying the advice & company of some amazing local artists & hoping something will rub off. I don't really care if I'm ever published, I'm doing this for me. I want to finish something. I want to create the kind of book that inspired me when I was young. I'm also doing this for my kids. I also really enjoy writing poetry and song lyrics for fun, and have been dabbling in music composition and arrangements.
Another hobby that I give a lot of time to is sewing. I used to create custom costumes for my Etsy shop. Currently I'm working with a local lady on prototypes for her clothing new line.
I also love cooking & it's been quite a journey for me. I am very familiar with the trials different food sensitivities & have come a long way in figuring out delicious recipes that won't make myself or others in my family feel unwell. I post some of these adventures on my Julie Surprise blog which may become a youtube channel in the future. I'm all about keeping it things close to nature, I birthed all of my babies using hypno-birthing, my two younger girls were at-home water-births. Feel free to ask about any of the above mentioned topics, I'm happy to share my experience. Namaste ~Julie :}
Bragging rights
I birthed three babies without drugs, birthed two babies at home, can write a poem about anything, have conquered my sugar and bread addiction, know how to make delicious healthful food, can do anything I set my mind to!
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    Visual Art and Design, 2002 - 2006
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