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Couldn't this one scoot by me in this fast stream!! I was excited about the processing on the wildflowers...what do you think?

#BokehTuesday curated by +Bob Baxley

Every light begins with darkness
Every flower was once a seed
And with the sun and wind to test us
We are bound to be released
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Thank you +Marianna K !! :O)

Hey Celeste!! Haven't seen you in awhile! I'm so happy you like it +Celeste Odono !! I tried a little different processing on this one :O)

Thank you all so much for the plus ones!! :O)
Yes, I have been wondering about you myself. It's been a while since your posts have popped up on my stream. I'm so glad it did, though. I love how you processed this. :)
diese Wildblumen sieht an ja leider nur noch selten.
+Celeste Odono That's so weird Celeste!! Maybe I need to figure out something w/ the stream. I think you can control who you see or something...I'm missing all of my friends that I talked to when I first got on here and you are one of them!! Thank you very much!!! I'm happy you saw it flying through your stream!! :O)

+Jutta Sötje thank you Jutta!! These are definitely some of my favorite wild flowers. I'm hoping the seeds I put out will hurry and grow so I can have my OWN flowers in the back yard :O)