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Julie Spriddle
Working mum and serial crafter who wishes she had more time to play with her beautiful daughter.
Working mum and serial crafter who wishes she had more time to play with her beautiful daughter.

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We made a lot of poppies
Last weekend was Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday. It was also the weekend my sister Jo came to visit, along with her OH, Phil. M was very excited as she likes seeing her relatives, which sadly doesn't happen that often due to the distances involved. We...

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Over the past year, M has reached a new milestone. At the tender age of seven she is now capable of winning complicated boardgames on her own merit. She can read instructions on game cards, understand rules and no longer needs a helper to ensure she remembe...

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Charlie in ink
On the back of #inktober, I have apparently acquired a new found confidence in the use of ink and last night decided to have another go at drawing our cat Charlie. I've been reading a little and practising something called blocking in as a method of sketchi...

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Inktober ends with Halloween
Hallowe'en has passed, marking the first day of Allhallowtide and the end of Inktober 2017. My last two drawings for the challenge were: Inktober day 30 - Found. Inktober Day 31 - Mask In terms of lesson's learned... While the challenge has been fun, it has...

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Inktober Day 28 - Fall
A very quick update from me for #inktober. We had a full day yesterday, Christmas shopping and we picked up a pair of winter boots for M. The evening saw us helping some family friends celebrate their wedding, so it made for another late night drawing sessi...

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Channelling Christmas yet to come
Briefly because I plan a full day of Christmas shopping, because yes, it is nearly that time of year again. And in keeping with the theme, I channelled the festive spirit for last night's #Inktober drawing as per the prompt - Climb. #Inktober2017 - Day 27 -...

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A trip to the allotment and Inktober day 26
We've been suffering the first real cold of the season, with it being my turn last week and M's this week, which means we've not really been able to take advantage of 'half-term' activities. M was well enough to attend a friend's Hallowe'en party earlier th...

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A slight change of direction
It's been a while since I've posted here, as while we've been as busy as ever I just never seem to get time to sit still at a computer, other than when I'm working. I've been doing very brief posts over on Tumblr from time to time, but not here. I guess it ...

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Hop's new dress
M's sewing aspirations are high and just lately she's moved on from drawing countless pictures of dancers in varying pretty dresses, to wanting to  make  the dresses themselves. Sadly her lack of sewing skills have led to her improvising, which means making...

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It turned out alright in the end
I started work on this shawl collared waistcoat back in November, based on a pattern from " Custom Crochet Sweaters (Dora Ohrenstein) ". It was not overly complicated but had the novelty factor of being worked vertically with increases based on changing the...
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