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I am an author who markets her books solely through Facebook book promo and book selling groups. Up until now it has been a very effective marketing tool. However, since FB has now blocked me twice for "annoying" people with my posts (I won't go into how ludicrous that is), this time eliminating any possibility of promoting a pre-Christmas sale, I need to diversify my marketing efforts. Frankly, I have found Twitter useless for trying to market books, so that pretty much leaves Google+. However, I barely know how to operate Facebook, so I'm going to need someone to teach me what Google+ is, how to set it up, and tips on how to use it to maximize my opportunities to disseminate information about my books, sales, new releases, awards, etc. I don't do well with online instructions that I have to keep leaving the page I'm trying to figure out how to set up, in order to go back to the instruction page to try and figure out what I'm doing wrong or what the next step is.. And I don't do well with instructions that assume I know what all the terminology means. Is there any way you can help me?

Thanks for the invite, Peyton Brittany Clarke!

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Thanks, Paloma, the post looks great!
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Hey, everybody.  Thanks for the invitation to join this group.  Both my first book and the new one coming out in September are menages and I am currently working on yet another.  Love menages!

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