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O HAI! Just finished this about 10 minutes ago :)
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thanks. I'm working on making a listing now so everyone can purchase it :)
Heh... I half expect to see this on Regretsy or SadEtsyBoyfriends.Com.
love it! you should keep going and close off the eyes a little more!!
hahaha brilliant! looks a bit big though
OK................ that's a little weird, but cool in a way!
What is this !!!!!!!!!
Knit one for me too plz :D
Emily L
i would buy the hat, but b4 i pressed the BUY NOW button, i took an arrow to the kneee
Oh man i love that hat.................can i borrow it...........
Crochet or Knit?
oh, and the helmet is very awesome ;P
I cant believe you made that! Rocking hat! :) :) :) :) :) :)
that is awsom ho-ho-how did u do tht. NICE JOB u really have a gift
That is pretty awesome, how long did it take you to make it?
About a week and a half, but I didn't work on it every day. I would say about 4 continuous hours.
is it heavy? it is nice but i hardly recognize you XDD.
Julie when we are asking for hats as comfort items for military infusion patients we really didn't have that particular style in mind.. LOL
+cocker dunn its not too awfully heavy, but its heavier than a normal crocheted hat because of the fiber fill I put in the horns.
What's Hot? This is :-)

Absolutely amazing :-)
yo, lemme get that. I would pay you like a whole 10 Dollars.
Nice, that's the iron helm? Dragonscale would be sweet but the horns are probably hard to knit. OOO Dragon Priest, I use Belrand as my foloower and gave him Vokun (sp?) so I wouldn't have look at his skullet-head
The horns are actually the easiest part of this helmet :)
that's awesome and awesome keep up the awesome...
hey mistery mann u get a life skyrim is boss
beautiful, great job.. how long it took you to finish one
::::::::::::FOS DO RAHWESOME!!!!!!::::::::::
+Nubli Hashim about 4 continuous hours, but It took me about a week and a half because I didn't work on it all in one sitting.
+Mickey Ju This is the very first one I made. I think it took me about 4 hours, but I don't know for certain. I'll be making more, I'm sure and I'll have a better idea.
It really makes a person look attractive....all that for $42.00! That's cheaper than going to Beverly Hills to do the same thing.
Er Vin
Wow. Coming from a non-skyrim player. Gj
cute!!!! but try it in pink and blue for the horns!!!! :D
The Iron helm is the most recognizable of skyrim, using dragonscale would require you to know that about the game. That's sorta like "She's Watching You...". Nice job! Totally buying it, once I get next PD.
omg u looking so horrible dear......
hahahahahaha that's awesome lol
Now go off and fight that dragon priest. Make sure to eat so you don't become a vampire.
Now go test it against a brick wall and tell me how it works for you.
Super awesome! Do you plan on posting the pattern for sale?
sooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyy
Sooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool...LOL
Ken Dai
WOOOOL ! +Julie Murray That's so cool! U made that on your own?
How did u do that !
I'd rather have Astrid's assassin stuff shes flipping awesome, Alduin will be mad that people in the real world are preparing for his next return, but the Dragondorn will put him in his grave.
R Lin
OMG you must be bored
Nice he helmet it seems that u have beautibull eyes
LMAO watch the orders come pouring in now
You, my friend, are UTTERLY amazing!!!
Awesome, you should sell some... just amazing!!! lujo, excelente!!!
very very cool ...............
i need one for next winter ... is it possible to have a sword too ?
rảnh quá đi , thừa thời gian quá mẹ trẻ à
lol that´s amazing!! can i get one??
All hail dragonborn!! All hail dragonborn !! Awesome I want one!!!!!