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Faculty Friends! If you would be willing to answer a few questions about the tenure & promotion process, please add your info to my list. We are especially interested in hearing from STEM folks, because personal knowledge skews toward non-STEM.

Please share. Thanks!
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I clicked STEM, even though I am STEM-Education... close enough?
Hi Julie - we recently had a big hastac forum on digital publishing, the job market, promotion & tenure. i.e. how digital scholarship is currently understood, what changes are happening, what needs to happen, etc. If you're still accepting answers, can I post a link to it from within the forum?
Hi - I was gathering potential interviewees for my company's market research -- not exactly the same thing, but thanks!
Ah, right -- I just thought it would be a really interested group of folks, given their work in the STEM and DH fields, in junior positions. Anyway, I've been meaning to about blog this company. I'll drop you a note and see if you (or someone) can answer a few questions... a bunch of people have asked me for advice on where to do this kind of thing!
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