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Ha Ha just for fun...Billy Gates celebrates big SEO milestone!
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This must've taken months to put together...
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Julie McNamee

Search Engine Optimization Tips  - 
The most useful guide I've seen on writing meta descriptions.
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Great article. Lots of info.
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Julie McNamee

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Something to think about each time you write a blog, a web page, a Facebook post or a tweet. Just about anything, really.
Telling stories is an excellent way to sell and persuade an audience. Here are 5 simple steps for creating a great story.
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Thanks +UPRISE Media :o) You're right - dry copy is much simpler to write but doesn't have nearly the same effect that story-telling does.
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Google Plus  - 
Google+ can of course be a bit of a pain to navigate. These are great tips to know - just have to try to remember them now...
Tip 8/50: Learn The Various Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts
Did you know you can streamline your Google Plus experience with these nifty short cuts?...

Note: These short cuts also work in Gmail!

To bring up the list of short cuts (usually a letter or character on the keyboard) simply press the '?' key. It may take a little while to memorise and master these, but doing so will make your G+ experience even more enjoyable and efficient!

A few highlights include:
j = next post
k = previous post
o = expand/collapse current post
n = next comment on current post
p = previous comment on current post
r = comment on current post
/ = search
? = open short cuts 

Thanks to Brian at +hongkiatcom Weblog for this one. See the original article here:

This is just one of many Google+ tips, you can find more tips like this from the *#googleplus50 series here:*


▶ If you want to expand on this with an additional point or idea, please comment below so others can learn from your awesomeness!

▶ Additionally, if you want to contribute tip I haven't yet covered in this series, please feel free to ping me and I will credit you if I use it!
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These shortcuts should come in useful, thank you for sharing.
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Julie McNamee

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Big fan, myself.
A short monologue from the perspective of the typeface comic sans. A Short Film by Joe Hollier   Monologue Written by Mike Lacher   This was an assignment for Paul Sahre's Typography Class (Make an animation about our least favorite typeface)
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Julie McNamee

Content Marketing  - 
I've been using image search by copyright license on Bing - good to see Google have made their filter available, too.
Are using images found on Google in your posts? You NEED to read this.

Hi, having a good picture double's a post's visibility, there's no doubt about it. And people often search for images on Google and include it with their post content. Which is so wrong.

What are you saying, images that are found on Google are public anyway. Well, a picture's public visibility doesn't mean it can be re-used or edited. That can be considered as stealing images and may get you into trouble.

Here's a better way to use Google search to find images by knowing your usage rights:

I will not say this is a reliable way of finding images and I'm not doing it. But I'm sure many people are using Google image search to find pictures for their posts. Filtering your search by usage rights is definitely much better than using whatever you find on Google.

#googlesearchtips #betterblogging #copyrightinfringement  
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Personally, I don't think Bing Webmaster Tools get enough credit and I have noticed that users reaching sites through Bing search engines has been increasing. 
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Julie McNamee

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Art of the Day: Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890), Self-portrait with glass, January 1887. +Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. #vangogh  
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Julie McNamee

Blog share  - 
10 Sherlock Filming Locations

Streets pretending to be other streets, cities pretending to be other cities and you can never have too many pics of the lovely Benedict.
Sherlock filming locations including London, Cardiff, Newport and Gloucestershire.
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Julie McNamee

Blogs and Photographs  - 
They say that boys don't grow up, only their toys change. That might not be the case, however, for French photographer Rémi Noël, who's been tripping throughout the state of Texas together with a miniature plastic Batman figurine, his only companion. Noël has long been fascinated by the ...
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Digital editor at Peabody
I'm a web editor at housing association Peabody and travel blogger on Quirky Travel

My background is managing the content and writing for the Wordtracker Academy

I'm a regular film reviewer for nationally distributed magazine the Fortean Times 

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How to Make a Successful Blog. Home → Blog → Blogging → How to Make a Successful Blog. Share Button · Cat blogging on a laptop. Pic credit e

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Majorly expensive. My husband had his watch battery replaced 6 months ago for £25. Getting it done in a local shop today cost £9.
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Great range of films, not digital. Important.
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We've had a beautiful farmhouse kitchen table from Old Forge as well as a reclaimed timber bookcase (and we've just ordered another). Quality workmanship, decent prices and very nice people - I highly recommend.
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Si can order whichever CD you want - he had Autobahn by Kraftwerk in the shop within a week for me (at a very good price).
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10 reviews
Dan and his team did a great job renovating our very old, wonky windows. Being a very old house, nothing was easy but they kept at it and nothing was too much trouble. They were also very tidy and good value for money. Would definitely use again.
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They saved my Macbook - quickly, no hassle and at a very fair price. Couldn't have asked for more.
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On a visit to this cinema about a year ago I, along with a couple of Aussie gals had to leave this cinema because there was a RAT scratching around a few rows in front of us. We reported the incident to the front desk who might as well have shrugged their shoulders - they weren't going to be doing anything about it. Then, despite two complaint emails I heard absolutely nothing - no apology, no promise to clean the place up, no refund of my ticket. I'll never be going back, which is a shame, because as another reviewer says, it tends to show less mainstream films a while after they've left the other cinemas.
• • •
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reviewed 3 years ago