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New Pluralsight: Entity Framework in the Enterprise It's already in top 10 with 5 star average! (Yes I'm thrilled!)
Here's a comment from someone who watched it:
FhyrDrake 2 days ago
I just watched Julie Lerman's prior Entity Framework in the Enterprise three weeks ago, before this new course was released, and boy am I glad she's updated the course. I had thought the previous version was a bit dated (2016 vs 2012 & EF6 vs EF4) and a bit basic with what Julie refers to as Demo Ware. This updated course goes into more details about architecting projects, improved Moq testing with EF6, and a better explanation of DDD with Bounded Contexts using Schema to segregate areas. I already had a good understanding of EF, DDD, Repositories, UoW, and CQRS before watching and while I wouldn't set up things 100% this way in my own applications they did jump start some refactorings and rethinking on how I maintain my solution, which is the purpose of these courses, to give fresh ideas as technology evolves, just as Entity Framework has. Thanks for updating the course and for those who have watched the previous version, definitely give this new one a watch.

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New Pluralsight: Play by Play: EF Core 1.0 First Look I'm working on Getting Started with EF Core 1.0, but this 1.5 hr demo that I did with Geoffrey Grosenbach can give you a good look at what to expect. I did it on a Macbook so you can see even though EF Core is cross platform, it is the same APIs and databae interaction no matter what platform you are using. I had a lot of fun on this one!

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My Pluralsight course "Getting Started with Entity Framework 6" is free all week. You don't need to be a Pluralsight subscriber to watch it.…/free-cou…/free-weekly-course

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well "amazing"? I don't know. But I had a lot of fun talking to Carl & Richard about the sadistic pleasure of learning new tech!
So what happens when you dive head-first into the latest Javascript libraries?

Carl and Richard talk to the amazing Julie Lerman about her experiences learning Aurelia - - and the rest of the stack around building web pages in a modern way, including nodejs, express and DocumentDB.

So what prompted this? Julie talks about wanting to explore new things and just having some fun in a place she has very little experience - but is willing to learn! The conversation digs into the awesome community and resources available for building modern web applications - you need to play with the walkthroughs and sample apps!

Part of the challenge is getting your head around the whole stack - there are lots of differences in the way you think and work in the Single Page Application approach to web pages. Julie also talks about experimenting with different development tools including Visual Studio Code. You don't have to just live in Visual Studio, there are other ways to get things done!

You can listen to the show at

What new Javascript library are you experimenting with? Let us know in the comments below or on the .NET Rocks website - if we read your comment on the show, we'll send you a .NET Rocks mug!

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Well, time for a "new course" announcement. I created "Getting Started with Entity Framework 6" for Pluralsight. While it was designed for newbies to EF, incluing an intro that is appropriate for managers, I've been hearing that even old EF hands are benefiting from it.

Let me know if you need a 30 day trial to watch this.

Here is some of the feedback I've received via the LiveFyre discussion on Pluralsight:

Thanks for another great course! Even after having studied all your courses and books, I find this course to add value by pointing out exactly what is the key knowledge to understand in order to be successful in using EF. Therefore I find this course both to be a good starting point as well as a great summary for more experienced programmers, and also a much needed wrap-up of EF6 just in time to start living with EF6 and EF7 side by side.

@HansKrJensrud @julielerman1 agreed. This is an amazing course I just love. Great work Julie and thank you so much!!

Thank you Julie another excellent course. Much appreciated; even though I've used EF before, I was still able to gain a lot from watching this course.

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Just for fun.... Pluralsight writer Whitney Larsen interviewed me and blogged the results. She's a great writer. I was impressed with the journalistic twists. She also did her homework and asked great questions. 

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A new Pluralsight course!  Looking Ahead to Entity Framework 7.  It's only 2.5 hrs long and targets:
What's in EF7? Should you use it? When should you use it? Should you upgrade existing apps? Also, be informed about the whats and whys of the staged releases. As usual, I dug in pretty deeply for this one.

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Have you watched the Domain Driven Design Fundamentals course that Steve Smith and I did for Pluralsight? I'd love to know what you think. If you want to watch it but don't have a Pluralsight subscription, let me know and I can share a 30 day trial with you so you can watch it.

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