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Really love what I got on @Etsy from ThickandThinDesigns. #etsystar

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I'll park this here like a breadcrumb for my future self. And maybe a few people can relate. 😎

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Read book. Peggy Guggenheim fangirl here. 
New documentary on one of the most important figures in art collecting, who supported and championed such major artists as Calder, Rothko, Kandinsky and Mondrian.

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What the Woodrow Wilson...

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Going to be a great field. Many opportunities. 
Five Types of Machine Learning - And Other Insights

This is a great interview with the University of Washington's Pedro Domingos about his new book, The Master Algorithm. I bought the book the other day, but have yet to dive in. This article made me excited to do so.

Domingos divides the field into five contemporary machine-learning paradigms—evolutionary algorithms, connectionism and neural networks, symbolism, Bayes networks, and analogical reasoning—which he imagines being unified in one future “master algorithm” capable of learning nearly anything.

On the differences between machine learning and the way coding is done today: 

The question, then, is why one would want to generate opaque and unpredictable networks rather than writing strict, effective programs oneself. The answer, as Domingos told me, is that “complete control over the details of the algorithm doesn’t scale.” There are three related aspects to machine learning that mitigate this problem:

(1) It uses probabilities rather than the true/false binary.
(2) Humans accept a loss of control and precision over the details of the algorithm.
(3) The algorithm is refined and modified through a feedback process.

This one's a worthwhile read. 


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How did they get the sunglasses to stay on? 

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I wish I wasn't in a glass house on this list +Pam Adger​
"You must make it your full time job to manage all your misplaced needs, expectations, and hurt feelings. These represent the world according to YOU regardless of anyone else."

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The Internet of Things Explosion

Stay tuned for the evolution of the digital world into every nook and cranny you can think of...and then some more.

#innovation   #internet   #iot  

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This is surprisingly and tastefully honest. 
Why people become entrepreneurs - a handy infographic. Which number(s) applies to you?

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I burned at least 1,500 calories today snorkling. The only bummer was no fitbit and no apple watch to track. But I did take my droid snorkling so that was fantastic. I love metrics like some people like stuffed animals. :D
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