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We’re launching +1 recommendations! +1’ing something has always been a fun and lightweight way to engage with online content. It’s also a powerful discovery tool, making it easier for friends to find the best content by showing social annotations in search results and ads, and now we’re taking it to the next level. 

Try it out!  Recommendations are currently available to our platform preview group -- you can join the group here: 

Once you’ve joined, go hover a +1 and discover recommendations for other awesome (on site) content! 

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Just to clarify: the recommendations will appear for pages that a user has not (yet) +1d, but when the user has already +1d a page, then the box will appear for sharing that page on the Google+ stream, and not the recommendations?
Got a small question - when you hover over the +1 button on a specific article, is it supposed to show you other articles that are similar to that one (e.g. articles that were liked by the same people) or just popular stuff on the site?
Would be good to have more control of this kind of recommendations.
Be able to check list of people who can see my recommendations and ability to edit this list. And maybe notifications like from Google+ about changes in Circles.
ps: I don't know what i'm doing wrong but i can't even open this page with 'Social connections" now.
+Dean Birkett - absolutely yes. We would like to make an awesome, non-hover based mobile experience as well. We hope to do a lot more with recommendations!

+Masatake Wasa Yes - right now recommendations only show pre-click. We still believe that the share call-to-action after post is the more relevant in that moment.

+David Prieto Great question. It shows other content on the site, both related and/or popular.

+Dmitry Zuenko Thanks for the input. +Timothy Jordan +Rick Borovoy 
Thanks for a quick clarification: it makes sense, and I wanted to know that it was the intended behaviour.
This looks great!! I'm looking foward to test it on my favourite sites!! =D
Just tried this on my site after receiving notice and it looks great.  
What if I don't want to press that +1 button to see the recommendations before pressing it? And when I finally hit it, I won't do it for the recommendations, so this one looks a little useless for me.
That is, If you could hover over a +1 without the screen moving on you as more content is added to the top of the page.
Thanks Julie, I'm looking forward to your next roll out on this platform.
Interesting feature! It is more easy now to find other recommended content on your favourite!
With all due respect, is this really the additional functionality of +1 that G+ users were waiting for?
What about using +1's for ordering comments? It would be great to be able to see the best comments first. See   #orderbyplusses  
And what about a listing of the posts and comments I plussed? I can see which articles outside the Google domain I plussed, but not what I liked on G+. Frustrating that I need Evernote to save the G+ posts I want to get back to. (Tagging would be a fenomenal innovation of course, Too much to ask for, as hundreds of people undoubtedly did.)
As a marketer I really like the Google integration and the new possibilities for search and conversion optimization. But I think the first priority is to optimize the user experience on G+. There is still too much to be desired.
Thats more something for the Google+ theme instead of the team behind the public plus button I think +Riemer Thalen great feedback though!
+Riemer Thalen thanks for the thoughtful feedback. We are definitely working all across G+ to continually make the product better and better. I will pass along your feedback to all the right folks internally!
I +1ed the post about +1ing. I would like to see the +1 everywhere.
+1'd Liam's post about +1ing a post about +1ing
keep up the good work
Bless you both lovley picture!
+Julie Farago could be that when you click, the pop up has a share box and the recommendations, and if you click to type in the share box, the recommendations disappear and the share dialog expands
We can share about this to everyone.... Thn use 2gther,,,,,
Nice one Julie keep the posts short people or mite not get read my last same comment got deleted
Alex Ru
Improvement of +1's by adding tags and privacy settings.
'Family' circle will be able to see only my +1's with tag "study", 'Friends' only "funny" tag, "Following" won't be able to see my +1's at all and etc. And via tags we will be able to search faster and esier in '+1's tab' and use it as "Reading later" tool.
That tool can replace Youtube 'Like's and even 'Watch later' or add "Star" feature to Google+ posts and comments via 'Google+' tag.
And with some extension to easy +1'ing objects at page this will be a great bookmarking tool with social features.
Just give us control over this tool.
Yea... everything we can share... Like google.... =)
Don't think it's been radical but then, feel benefited. 
Cool cool cool ... This will be awesome for local businesses yeppieeeeee!!
my english is not very well can i contact you in french
The feature works nicely on my social media blog 
Not sure, though, when the full 'plus' commenting feature pops up and when only the plus button with the recommended content does. As a user I'm confused about the difference.

On my blog there's only one page that gets recommended on all other pages. Even when searching other categories in the blog than the one of the recommended post. And the page is only the fourth most visited in June.

But yes, it's about one of Switzerland's most influential social media experts...
=B... C julie farago u have many supporter....
Wow! +Julie Farago +Rick Borovoy +Geoffrey Borggaard I feel flattered ;-) 
Thanks for using my blog as test case! If you care for an English site: I also run on a technically similar instance of Wordpress. There are no recommendations on that one, though.
On my third blog two pages get recommended, cool! 

I assume you guys have access to my Google Analytics or Webmaster Tool stats in order to identify which posts to recommend.

There is a typo in German, e.g. on when hovering over the G+ button. The top line features "empfehlen" properly, but the bottom line misses an "l" in "empfeh en".
This sounds great, and I will see if I can add the button to some of my blogs soon.  Thanks for the updates.
Thanks kristine may lovedorial... I like u.... =B coz u juz think positive...
Thank you also gurl...ahm im just curios i think positive for what baby? Hope u dont mind
Hi Julie, how about being able to pull these +1's from G+ API?. Twitter and Facebook allow this, and. to be honest, G+ is going to be very useless if you keep having this feature closed.
I am princeton university master in  mathmetical.
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