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Hey! Come write with me. It's going to be joyous. And deep. And raw. You don't have to be a writer. You just have to want to discover a little more about Eros and Joy. And, oh yes, be a woman.

12 90-minute calls over 6 weeks
6 Writing Thresholds to stimulate your creative expression
1 circle of women who love to dive deep and honor each other's words with grace and dignity.

Early-bird price ends tomorrow, Mar 4th.

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A new post on what it might mean to age honestly and how aging can bring us into a profound state of love.

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I've been noodling around on this since the election. How we normalize narrative, even narrative that is not normal. It's made me wonder about the feminine narrative. Who gets to write it? It seems to me that this is a fabulous creative opportunity - to tell our stories as human beings who experience the feminine in our daily lives but perhaps don't recognize it because what we experience is unlike what we are told it is. If we come to know our own direct experience and learn to put it into words or images or some way of communicating this vital narrative, we can then shift the story of the feminine for what she is and what she is becoming - within all of life. As women, we embody this and perhaps it is a great gift we can offer to share our direct experience into the world.

And, yes, I would also love to know the masculine narrative. The masculine is within us all, too. I want to become more aware of these vital energies within.

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A beautiful exploration into Beauty and what it's cultivation might mean for our world today. With Rev Maggie Oman Shannon.

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I'd love to have you join me for this deep dive into discovering who you are and why you are here - which is the source of great joy and a grounded 'success'.

You'll receive tools, practices, and insights that can serve as a foundation for meeting whatever challenges you face with strength and resilience.

I'm holding a Q&A call this Saturday, Feb 4th at 9 am PST.
Early bird pricing ends tonight.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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New post on the blog on stimulating creativity and inspiration...cultivating creative connection. #designthinking   #creativeinsight   #cultivatinginsight   #takeawalk  

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Sharing some of my experiences and reflections on these past few days and what I sense is a new energy that is guiding us to love and to act.

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A new post. A short but deep one. Facing something that has been a source of great longing, great pain, and great joy. Where these three things meet, we often find the soul's call.

Earlybird pricing for my pal +Britt Bravo's Juicy Blogging E-Course: The Art & Play of Blogging ends today (9/22):

Please share with pals who are newbie bloggers or who want to re-energize their blog. Thanks!

#blogging #writing

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