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Julianna Shapiro

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simply beautiful, thank you for sharing this.
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Julianna Shapiro

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I STILL support Superintendent Dr. John Deasy! Yesterday was a big win for kids and parents of LAUSD.
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Julianna Shapiro

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Jules, where have you been? What? Running a nonprofit that helps the chronically ill through art, art therapy, writing, support and advocacy? YES THAT EXACTLY.
It's been keeping me busy and mostly out of trouble, but here I am to stir up my circles again.
You can always come and join The Chronically Awesome Foundation Community as well.
Want a ticket to attend The Chronically Awesome Art Auction? You can purchase a ticket that comes with an entry to bid on art, an admission only ticket (which is also a great way to support us if you can't make it) or you can make a flat donation.
The Foundation needs your help to keep supporting you with support groups, information, advocacy and education.
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Julianna Shapiro

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This whole blog, not just one post is great!
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Julianna Shapiro

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And this is where my mega 3 page reply sat until my computer ate it. sigh. One of the things I wanted to tell you for sure was this:
Facebook will throw your post into the newsfeed when you hit send. Depending on who is online and how many  people they have as friends sending things to the feed right then it could fly right past them. Unless they go right to your page they may never see it. Also there is this fun thing with the Facebook Algorithm that occurs that some posts never make it out there, again, unless they go right to your page they will never see it. Most people never go to an individuals FB page, they read what is in the newsfeed. I doubt many people know how to change the order from "top stories" to "most recent".
I think you are dealing with two kinds of people here: 1.  The people who truly chose to do nothing and 2. The people that by no fault of their own never saw the post.
2 is easier to fix. You have a couple of choices. You can promote the post as long as it does not have too much text in it. Just throw $5 at it and it will be seen by your friends and by their friends. 2. a little more complex:
Use the post scheduler, think about when most people are online: right when they get settled into work, lunch time, just before dinner or you can grab the later evening people. You will have to copy and paste the post for each time you want to do it. Here is my suggestion:
Post for 2 days straight at 9am, 12:30pm, 7:45pm
That's the exact same message 6 times into the feed. You can hashtag it, hashtags are searchable in fb.
I would try this with some post that isn't urgent, just to test it and see what kind of engagement you get. If you are ready to start getting more traffic to your business try that.
The next thing is keep it short on text and use a really nice image below.
I can walk you through all of this on the phone if you like. If you tell me the topic I will write it for you. Anything to help to see if this is what makes the difference.
We know 3 things about FB: not all posts make it, photos keep things on the TL longer, time of day makes a huge difference.

If you need a post to try this out with I have a perfect one for you.
So I posted a test on Facebook last week. I wanted to see just how many of my "friends" would actually help me out. I mean, that's what friends do, right, help each other out? Yeah... well... after 3 days and not posting much...
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Well, yeah, that, definitely. I still have free advertising to use on Amazon ($75), Yahoo ($75), google ($100) and twitter ($50), so what I was going to use for that can now be used for FB.
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How do others perceive us? When we are chronically ill we are perceived in a certain way, BUT when we are also Chronically Awesome we have a chance to change someone's perception entirely. That is something that Donna and Jules learned at this week's Chronically Awesome Art Auction. ** NOTE: This will be our last Saturday Show. We are moving to Thursdays. We will take NEXT week off for Halloween and resume on Thursday, November 7th at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern.
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Julianna Shapiro

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If you cannot attend, please consider a $25 donation (the price of a ticket) to help someone else attend.
Julianna Shapiro originally shared:
We are getting closer to the #ChronicallyAwesome Art Auction!
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I am Jules, I am a mom and a wife and am living a Chronically Awesome life with my dogs and my kid and my husband here in So Cal.
I am an equal opportunity offender with a flair for the sarcastic.
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