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Today is not my day…
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And worse:
cp: reading `/mnt/photos/DCIM/100K____/DSC_0018.NEF': Input/output error
cp: failed to extend `Pictures/2012-06-14/100K____/100K____/DSC_0018.NEF': Input/output error
Ich denke nur das fs, jedenflals beim obigen Fehler. Bei der SD-Card aus dem Kommentar habe ich keinen blassen Schimmer. 
+Steve Boyko Anyway. At the moment I'm more worried about m SD-Card with photos on it because fsck tells me Free cluster summary wrong (480453 vs. really 483741).
Ouch. Good luck and proceed carefully. :P
Google hasn't been very helpful on this question and fsck won't repair the damn thing. 
Can you put it in a Windows PC and see if it is readable there?
1) do not run fsck! (probably too late)
2) make image of the card. dd if=/dev/sdb of=image.dd (insted of sdb you cards path)
3) use photorec image.dd
Like +Steve Boyko but with paths :)
Please select the partition table type, press Enter when done.
 [Intel  ] Intel/PC partition
 [EFI GPT] EFI GPT partition map (Mac i386, some x86_64...)
 [Humax  ] Humax partition table
 [Mac    ] Apple partition map
>[None   ] Non partitioned media
 [Sun    ] Sun Solaris partition
 [XBox   ] XBox partition
 [Return ] Return to disk selection

Which should I choose?
if you had some partition on it then "intel" if not then none
fdisk -l /dev/your_dev
or just take a look at the names
if you haw /dev/sdb1 or 2 or what ever then you have partition table
if you did "dd if=/dev/sdb1 ..." then none
if "dd if=/dev/sdb ..." then intel
It was the Intel thingy. Data saved, SD-card formatted with camera. Let's hope that won't happen again.
I still didn't found any paper about it, but it looks like flash memory shrinking after some count of rewrites. If drive size starting to be less then fat partition table then, some thing like this will happen.
Hmm.. take a look here
he describes some examples where card actually smaller when should be and the data will be silently lost.
Make on test:
- create big file bit smaller than the size of the card
dd if=/dev/urandom of=test.dd bs=1M count=1000
this will crate 1GB file.

- get a checksum
md5sum test.dd

- copy file to the card, unmount it and after mount check the sum of file on the card.
Would this be in effect with only 20 images on the card?
depends on the real size of card.
Just test it... if nothing happens. Then you had really unlucky day :)
Wow, again a broken card? Did you try to shoot some photos after the recovery (and formatting of course)? Is the damage reproducible? Did you try it in another camera?
After the recovery the fs was still damaged but I got it formatted with the camera, shot a photo and read it with my card reader. Maybe it has been formatted badly before.
I had some similar errors with my trusty SanDisk™ 16G cf card, too. Out of the blue. The card worked well before and after this incident, survived thousands of photos and still alive.

I'd try overwriting the card like +Oleksij Rempel suggested to see if that provokes any errors
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