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I've seen two great bee hotels so far on our theme, so I want to add a bee hotel too to #gardeningwednesday by +Jan Aynes and +Juliane Clausen and of course to +Dusty Gedge s #inpraiseofpollinators .

The image quality is not the best but you can see the small bee in the halm and two filled holes.
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Bring doch mit wenn du wieder in der Schweiz faehrst!
Ira sagt auch liebe gruesse werden uns freuen irgendwann auf Besuch ... ganz herzlich!!
A good friend of mine has one of these for mason bees. I have been thinking about getting one as well....hmm-mmm...
+Michelle Potter Why not? It's easy, no work to do if you want to buy it and fun if you want to build it and you are doing something great for the environment.
I have had friends that have had the nests and discovered their roses were damaged by these bees. They are also leafcutter bees. They use leaves in building their nest material. Mostly, I am not that particular about my garden that I could not handle a few cut leaves here and there, but I just don't know how much damage there would be. Do you have any experience with this? +Juliane Clausen
+Michelle Potter leafcutter bees do do this to roses - they done my mother's rose bushes this year. However over trees and plants can be attractive to them so I would plant a wide variety. And besides who needs roses!
Can you send me some leaf cutter bees? I've got only the ones who use mud so far and could have got more different ones.
Not sure why you haven't got any - do you have any bushes in your gardener in or nearby
Perhaps if I locate the nest in an area away from the roses it would work. I do like my roses... :) +Dusty Gedge
+Dusty Gedge There are all kinds of plants nearby. I have got dwarf lilacs, there are many fruit trees and flowers.
+Glen Schlueter Does chocolate work? I don't think ALDI would have real honey. There's a lot of fake honey in the stores.
I don't have leaf cutter bees but I would be more than happy to share my roses' leaves with them! Thanks for showing your bee hotel too Juliane. What a great bee hotel day!
+Dusty Gedge It's a great page I bookmarked some time ago. I don't have the time right now but I will have a look.
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