What a great idea. Please help +Mike Spinak to publish his book!
#WildlifeWednesday curated by +Mike Spinak 

Here's a photo from my forthcoming book about Anna's hummingbirds growing up on the nest, Growing Up Humming. I hope you enjoy it.

But in order to publish my book, I need funding. If you would like to help make this book become a reality, please pledge some funds at this link, and / or share the link with those whom you think might be interested:


There are a number of great rewards available in exchange for your pledge, such as prints of photos from the book, photo t-shirts, e-books, paper books, e-seminars about how to make pictures like the ones in the book, and a day of one-on-one private photo instruction.

NEW: 1) The PDF e-book is now available with a $5 pledge. Every bit helps!  2) Also, I'm now offering a day of 1-on-1, in-the-field photo instruction (and all the other rewards) for a $500 pledge. ALSO, please note: If you want to pledge funds, but don't want to sign up for Kickstarter, then please contact me, and we can make this work.

Thank you for any help!

Here's a review of Growing Up Humming, by +Alan Shapiro:

"Mike Spinak has written a charming book that takes us into the seldom seen microcosmic world of a mother hummingbird tending to her two young."

"The photographs are fascinating and beautiful. The words are simple enough to be shared with a young child and will certainly sway them toward a lifetime fascination with nature. (And what could be wrong with that... We need more people who care for and about nature as much as Mike does.)"

_"My own 13 year old daughter (who I am certain is destined to be the next Jane Goodall) Gave this book two thumbs up and said 'I wish there were more books like this when I was younger. I hope he creates lots more like this.'"
"This is the kind of book which will fascinate and inspire children and their parents for generations."_


It's Wildlife Wednesday

Remember that every Wednesday is Wildlife Wednesday. Post your pictures of wildlife. Do a search and look at other people's pictures of wildlife. Any wild creature will do. Big or small. From bugs to birds, snails to snakes. All you have to do is post a wildlife picture, and mark it with #WildlifeWednesday

I hope to see a lot of your wildlife pictures. Show the wild animals you've encountered!
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