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This melon grows in a sub irrigated planter. The white thing is the tube to refill the water reservoir in the bottom of the clay pot. You can see the construction shots here:
#greenthumbthursday  curated by +Ann B., +Erin Henderson, +Nina Piccoli and +John Nandor.   
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Wünsche dir auch viel Erfolg, Juliane! Wenns klappt, werde ich es im nächsten Jahr auch probieren!! :)
+Maggy Meyer Ich denke mit einem Gewächshaus drumherum wie bei meiner Paprika würde es besser funktionieren.
What a wonderful idea! I love your construction shots as well. It's nice to have a reservoir so that you don't have to pay so much attention to watering these guys every day
+Erin Henderson Thanks a lot. I'm worrying a bit about the wicking area (because it's only crocheting yarn) but that should do fine like my small ones I made from PET bottles. 
I had got problems with both, too much and too less water.
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