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Game Dev, and other stuff
Game Dev, and other stuff

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At long last
Excited for what is coming soon :D

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One of my favourite games :3
Cadence, a musical playground of beautiful puzzles, is on KICKSTARTER!!! We've worked crazy hard on this, and we're really proud of what your eyeballs and eardrums are about to witness!

Please tell everybody, the first day on Kickstarter is the most important!

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Ye sharing most of my website/blag stuff though it's own account now, feel free to circle it or something :)

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Winamp saved by the Belgians - Belgian radio aggregator Radionomy has bought WinAmp from AOL

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South Africa's eToll issues

As an ex pat this is something I've been aware of for a while but this is a great summary. The shocking part is how similar the UK conservatives are to corrupt ANC. Seriously how far off the privatisation of railroads, post office and the like is this logic.

Social infrastructure should be handled by the government and NGOs. Any private involvement by definition requires profit which is obviously negative for users and social investment.

These companies aren't taking a risk. The government will pay all the costs and the we as users pay again to use the service.

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Don't like Hangouts for whatever reason?  Hate WhatsApp or anything like it? (Kik, iMessage, Facebook Chat, BBM, WeChat, etc. etc.)

Personally, I hate the fact that none of these are truly cross-platform and that they can't talk to each other. Some of them might be secure, but others definitely aren't, and figuring out who's using what is a crapshoot.

So there's good 'ol XMPP (what most of these were probably based on). Linked below are detailed instructions to get set up on DukGo. Use it on whatever XMPP client you can get your hands on - Pidgin ( is great for Desktop, Xabber ( and ChatSecure ( for Android, and ChatSecure ( for iOS. If someone can let me know what's available for BlackBerry, that'd be great, but I'm sure there has to be something by now.

I'm there, so you can add me (using my usual Interwebs handle - send a carrier pidgin if you can't figure out what that is).

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I have been waiting all day for it to be out :3
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