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i would hope there would be some user interaction prior to something showing up on your screen. where you have to look and blink twice or something.
now we all gotta learn to be jet fighter pilots just to walk around a little
Foi assim que quebrei o tornozelo....
But glasses would be better than looking on your phone
Holy useless crap, Batman!

Seriously though, people don't pay attention to where they are going as it is... Now they will be paying attention without paying attention... Better hope the HUD has an alert for oncoming cars and bike and trams, etc.
+Dominic Bartl that is also what i've been thinking...but, the glasses will interfere with your vision..for example during driving. if there is a way for us to ignore messages and such, that would be great. there needs to be a way for us to say ok..take this message or ignore all incoming request until further notice. personally i don't look at text messages while driving.
Google engineers didn't thought about driving but all the geniuses on the internet saw the issue right away. Makes sense.
That's why there is the self driving cars
More prescient than we probably realize....i.e. especially the last part.
i read in other places that this is coming out towards to end of this a price of around $200 - $600..thats a big gap in price but doesn't seem too much for a computer for your eyes.
heh, when I heard about the glasses that's exactly what I was thinking about.
lol Nice. "Oh no, not this arsehole."
I wouldn't have minded something that looks like normal glasses.
At last! A camera built into eyeglass frames. Perfect for capturing the license plate of the wacky driver who is weaving through traffic!
Funny joke but kinda hard to see how you run into stuff with a Heads Up Display at the same time. If its made the way I think it is trying to focus on the elements instead of the world behind them will cause you to not see them well.
Subscribe to some drunken moron with a camera ? Get a brain.
If you diss on google, all the self-driving cars in the area will try to kill you.
because you didnt see the big black pole coming up on your left. good try at being funny. ha-- ha -- um ha
Definitly!!!!!they wouldn't like it at all,but i do!!!!hahaha
dont get me wrong, i love the glass project and cant wait to see it for myself, but this is hilarious... lmfao.
LOL I can see ppls getting distracted n walking into stuff, I do it just walking b texting
I imagine that the actual interface is going to be a bit different... from the pictures it doesnt even appear that a lens fully extends across the line of sight... like I said, i cant wait to see it in practice. But the accidental "oh no not this areshole" txt is classic.
hahaha not bad. Nice parody. But I have a little more faith in Google than this guy lol
the lens is approx. 1x2.3 cm. and is slightly above your right eye, it couldn't obstruct your vision if it tried.
YOu suck so much cock its not even funny. please go kill yourself.
"security, would you please escort 'Noah Anderson' to the airlock."
this innate lack of self-control is a remarkable feature in your mind.
I just hope it has an element of gesture recognition. Also I hope I'm not trying to see things through a tiny piece of glass and there's actually some element of an optical illusion involved here where it's a little more visible; I would anticipate getting a headache everytime I have to look up.
I believe it will lower to be directly in front of your eye, this will probably be activated by a head gesture.
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