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Julian “Finnfinn” H.
If you can't live a life in peace, you can still live a life that matters.
If you can't live a life in peace, you can still live a life that matters.

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Interesting. #ingress  accounts get suspended without evidence? That's some administration politics flaw right there. If this happens more often the game will die from idiotic players mass-reporting those who rule their city instead of getting off their butts and playing the actual game.
From 0 to Hero! (reloaded) in 12 days

Starting with December 18th, 2012 my whole world shifted into a different gear after a colleague handed me a spare code (didn’t get mine until much later, despite my numerous attempts of Artwork :P). The whole city was “green” and there was much to do. Together with my very good friend [xelad] we took down the city piece by piece until it turned almost 100% blue. 

Thirty five (35) days later, after >2000km and endless hours in the bitter cold conditions, I have reached Lvl 8 for the first time – priceless!

?!?! for the first time?!?! (You will ask)

Now comes the sad part about the human nature: Some players of the Enlightened team have seen me as too big of a threat (I was the first Lvl8 from the Resitance while they already had one player there).  I was very dedicated and had destroyed a lot of their farms so they thought they had to do something to stop me.

One intensely used and widely spread method came in the form of a real reporting tutorial posted on their G+ community as a step by step guideline and incitement to report me [StefanP]. And so they did… 

My account was suspended on Feb 1st 2013... on the basis of “publicly threatened and harassed other players”… something very hard to prove and very sensitive from a legal perspective. No evidence was of course provided by Google nor did I get any further reply after I emailed them with the proof of how they organized the action to take me out of the game. The account [StefanP] is unusable since …

I had two options: QUIT the game or START OVER and show them how determined I am.

February 1st 2013 -> [BlueRider] joined the Resistance! :)

It took me one night (16h of play time) to get to Level 5, again with the priceless help of [xelad]. The previous experience gained as well as the full support of the Bucharest Resistance community (Xmps, resonators, keys, on field back-up and unlimited “L9” moral support as well as my wife’s encouragement to fight against the unfairness used against StefanP) played a crucial role in the very fast ascend of [BlueRider].

Feb 13th, 23:50: [BlueRider] reached Lvl 8 again, yesterday, AFTER JUST 12 DAYS!

One would consider me crazy and I almost agree as I wouldn’t wish for anyone (including my “frenemies” :)) to go through this emotional rollercoaster and psychological turmoil. Having said that, I hope no one follows my example as a lot of limits have been stretched.

On the upside, the outcome of these circumstances turned into what we now consider to be the base of a future healthy Bucharest Ingress Community whereby Greens and Blues can get together, know each other, attack, destroy, deploy and link, while actually having fun.

I have met great people on the Enlightened side and have all the faith that together we can make Bucharest an amazing battleground where ego-centered and envious players will slowly, but surely, either change their approach and grow or stale and get naturally left out.

We, on the Bucharest Resistance side, put all our hearts into this, and I promise you that great things will follow!

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Idea for this came up when talking about #ingress   with a good friend and I just HAD to make a comic of it. What happens when I get an #ingressinvite ? This seems about right.

Yay, more crappy vector from me. I don't even dare calling it artwork, but maybe some of you laugh at it. Or not. The joke is pretty obvious.

+Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller 

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Rolling the die.
Ingress Invite --- Want to Win One

I have a spare Ingress Invitation for 1 lucky recipient.. How do I get it you ask... ohh that my friends is simple:

1) +1 this post
2) Share this Post
3) Add me by all means (optional)

Everyone that complies with the above will go into a draw in 24 hours time... the lucky winner drawn from the hat will get a notification from me and will win the code.

#ingressinvite   #ingressinviteplease   #ingress  

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Here I am again, with the sixth #ingressinvite  giveaway :). #ingress  

I'll give it to someone randomly tomorrow morning (consider that I live in GMT+2 ;)), who has commented this post, given to it a +1, re-shared it publicly and added me in his circles. (yes, they are "and" not "or")
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