USA thinks it has the power to take down any .com or .org domain

Anyone else (especially outside the USA) a bit bothered by this?

the seizure of popular cyberlocker Megaupload demonstrates that, even without controversial new legislation, our [USA, sic] government already has extraordinarily broad powers to take down U.S.-registered websites (including any site in the .com and .org domains) before anyone has been tried for illegal conduct, let alone convicted.

The Megaupload indictment suggests that the U.S. government considers a wide array of cyberlocker business practices to be ipso facto evidence of criminal intentions, even though there are arguably legitimate reasons for many of them. Yet the government doesn’t think it has to wait for a trial, or give the folks who run a site an opportunity to explain their practices, before seizing an entire domain—which would be an effective death sentence for many startups.

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