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So, is there any truth in the rumour that Skrillex is playing the Glastonbury Sat night closing slot on the Other stage.
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Ah, sweet irony, how I love thee!
Weirdly, there is a genuine possibility that Skrillex and/or deadmau5 are going to play one of the big stages. But then there's also a persistent rumour that the Stones will play which would be equally ridiculous but in a rather different way. The original post was meant to be ironically amusing, but as usual truth trumps it.

More seriously though, UK Bass in all its forms is a big, big thing this year. There's a big range of DJs, Producers, remixers that really ought to play the dance village, park and perhaps even the big stages. The problem is grouping them. And still catering for the K-Heads. A few years back there was a Dance Lounge and Roots tent, but they've gone and recently there's been way too much cheesy euro-trance and not enough deep house and dub techno.
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