Pro¥ect X[m] - the beginning.
Definition: A portal is a quantum object which exists in a superposition of all possible states and dimensions simultaneously. Its state can be only observed or changed  through a special device called "scanner". To make it comprehensible by a limited set of ordinary human senses the scanner shows only a simplified representation of [unreadable] as a network of portals.

How were the pyramids were built? Why did the Greek gods have such great power? What is the meaning behind Stonehenge? Ancient myths and legends tell us stories about creatures which biologically do not make sense, like the sphinx, centaurus, cerberus, gargoyles, elves and fairies, unicorns and dragons.... If those creatures never existed in reality, why are there so many stories about them? Why is their description consistent and vivid through all the unconnected stories?

And afterall, where do the XM sensitive humans come from?

What we observe now is not the origin. It is just the echo of something bigger that took place many centuries ago. This is a byproduct of the ancient XM experiments.  

We have collected undeniable evidence that the research of the exotic matter did not start a few years ago in CERN as we all thought. The very first experiments have been conducted thousands and thousands years ago. They were focused on finding the means to directly interact with the portal network and the XM without any technical devices. Instead of using our current day scanner, there were attempts to create and use bionically modified creatures.  

Something went wrong, all the experiments were stopped and forbidden to continue as being too dangerous for the whole humankind.

One of the subjects might have survived and escaped. Since then no one has seen it or could provide any reliable proof that it ever existed. But from time to time somewhere in the world there are some people who claim that they have seen it.

The signs of this creature, as we know it now, a dragon, can be found everywhere, from fairy tales to modern sci-fi movies and in each #Ingress scanner as it is depicted in the great number of portals spread around the world.

+H. Richard Loeb
We, a newly formed international research team Pro¥ect X[m] are going to resume the ancient experiments on creating a bionically modified creature which can interact with the XM and the portal network and is a Portal itself.

We do understand the whole danger connected to this decision. We take the full responsibility for any possible coinsequences.

signed, date, year, location

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