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+Angel Figueroa thank you very much.
I can absolutely follow your way to look at it. That´s kind of the idea i had in my mind. :-)

thanks +Kana Yamashita

+Elena Konstantinova or is he waiting for something? For what? Shoes? Nail polish? Waking-up-kiss?
thank you very much :-)
maybe for some sympathy by the passing by people :) But if no one worries about buying him shoes, so maybe indeed nail-polish will do :) +Julia Su
like this - the people all have a ghostly blur, and the (ghostly pale) mannequin is still but looks like about to join them.
+Lawrence del Mundo poor camera porn industry....what would they do without the desires of crazy photogs? :-)
In this case it wasn´t necessary (i chose a longer exposure to have this effect), but in other situations i notice the restrictions of my beginners cam...
Gespenstisch! Gefällt mir sehr gut :)
well....a classic one. But it came to my mind first, when i did the pp of that picture +Daniel Chen :-)
Das sieht schon ein bisschen gruselig aus! Aber klasse !! :))
The guy looks a bit pale to me :-D
Love the tune and your processing, great dynamism in the photo except for the poor guy :-)
Hahaha true, maybe he'll turn green with envy :-D
or red...of blushing :-))
Hahaha, maybe :-D Do you think he'd be hitting on me :D
depends on your high heels :-))
Hahaha oh yes and the bunny outfit :-D
Do you think I should also wear fishnet stockings?
only when it´s getting a bit chilly :-D
Oh yes, you are right, my hairy legs should keep me warm anyway :-D
i´ll bring him a lolly :-)
Ich störe nur ganz kurz ... Fantastisches Foto!
...und weg ...
Du störst nicht, +Erwin Vindl :-)
Aber ich brüll noch ein "vielen dank" hinterher :-)
LOL, very cool shot! I like how the stillness mannequin staring at the moving crowd. :)
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