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thinking about dreaming.

“To be quiet, man does not have to think, but to dream.”
Johann Jakob Engel (1741 – 1802)

Horowitz - Schumann Traumerei

take care :-)

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Beautiful words and fantastic capture !
round - yes ... but very great diameter ;)
I like it
my personal perception goes individual ways sometimes.
Thank you +Ulrich Wähling :-)

hahahaha +raymond samson i won´t start the discussion about "nice" way. "lovely" is lovely....thank you :-)
Nalla J
Nice words... Awesome pics...
Very nice...
May I think about dreaming with you, Julia? , it looks like a perfect place for this! +Julia Su 
pues va a ser verdad de que el mundo es redondo y no es un montaje de la NASA :)
Great quote! Another curvalicious long ish exposure! Very chilled out music, looks like a lovely place to sit peacefully and dream :)
Personally I love the feeling of being dizzy, so it's more than fine with me for you to continue! - Just please don't get blown away :)
haha.... +Andy Lee this place isn´t at the Cap Creus, so the chances are quite good to stay where i am ((and now i wonder if that´s good or not)

+Elena Konstantinova late for what? :-D
Thomas prepared some icecream for us :-)
I assure you thats a good thing :)
I'm always late for thinking, you know it's my problem :D Hope to manage for ice-cream:)
no hay más dudas...este estudio es definitivo... ;) 
me gusta este nuevo tema en el que estás,muy buenas las fotos +Julia Su 
+cesar lopez seoane  :-D
que es la rotación legítimo del universo de la JuliaSu verdad?! :-D
Gracias. Todavía no sé si voy a seguir este camino Es totalmente inusual para mí .... y eso me deja espacio para soñar.

Thank you very much +Cornel Krämer :-)
Exactly +Burkhard Kaiser . Photography is always a very personal kind of view (in best case) I created my very personal planet ;-D
( best thing: it rotates in my adapted speed.
So welcome....i'm glad you enjoy this place :-)
"el universo de Julia"...suena a título de cine :))
disfruta del camino que te permita soñar... no tienes porque seguir un sólo camino... +Julia Su 
Beautiful! And I can even see the curve of the earth's circumference... :)
Schaut sehr gemütlich aus, auf deinem kleinen Planeten :)
selbst Fischer sitzen für mehr als 30sek still....
Danke +Erwin Vindl :-)
then I'm quiet and this photo inspires me to :-)
gorgeous work Julia, and perfect tune :-)
thank you +Laurent Coppée 
(but it´s not urgently necessary to be quiet all the time, i guess ;-))
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