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What is the Future of SEO?

At +On Track Tips | Wiser Sites, we're big fans of +Moz, and one of our favorite things they do is publish a biennial survey of SEO Experts on what the future of Search Engine Optimization holds.

Their 2015 edition does not disappoint, being chockablock with useful tips and insights, and the big conclusion to be drawn from this one is:

User Experience is God!

The Search Engines are getting more mature.  No longer tricked by keyword stuffing and other shady 'hack-tics', they're becoming more interested in what the user sees once they click through to your site.

Does your site look beautiful across devices, or are you still languishing in the desktop-only era of design?  Does it offer real value by giving the Searcher the products, services, and answers they were looking for in the first place?  Can people with bad eyesight read it, or do only people with 20/20 vision enjoy looking at it without squinting?

Giving your users a great experience should be the religion of every business owner.  There are other ranking factors, to be sure, hundreds in fact, but none of them will matter much if your site visitors leave unsatisfied.

~ +Eli Fennell, SEO, +On Track Tips | Wiser Sites

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