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Julia Jean Kennedy
Berry Sour Patch Kids devourer & commercial/social media fanatic.
Berry Sour Patch Kids devourer & commercial/social media fanatic.


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weekend digestions 5.11.15 // mother's day weekend
happy mother's day weekend to everyone! if you're reading this post, then you have a special lady in your life who has done unspeakable things to get you to where you are today. now is the time to thank her and simultaneously apologize for all of the insane...

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recently // 4.21.15
excuse the radio silence on ze blog - a lot of big things in the works over here on the east coast! so many big ideas, too little time. (or just enough - we'll find out soon enough! :) ) the past few weeks have been jam packed with research, research, resea...

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weekend digestions 3.1.15
Hey there. Guess what? IT'S MARCH. What the what. I don't even understand how this is possible right now. But hey, I don't make the calendars, I just follow 'em. It's been a couple weeks since my last weekend digestions, so buckle up - it's gonna be a long ...

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how to get the internship of your dreams: find an internship
Before you can even land that awesome internship that you've been lusting at for so long, you have to find it first! There are tons of internship resources out there, from websites even to people you know. Tons of bad ass internships just waiting for you to...

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weekend digestions 2.8.15
This was a long week. It felt ungodly long, to be honest. For some reason, last Monday (which was a snow day) felt like it was weeks ago! It's crazy how weeks can drag on. And yet... it's already February. Conflicting. image via the-toast These paintings of...

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how to get your dream internship this summer
It's February. Which, depending on which person I'm talking to, could mean a ton of different things: for high school seniors, college acceptance letters are really starting to come in (or at least, hopefully they are) for lovey couples out there, the dread...

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best tweets from the bachelor season 19 episode 5
This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the Bachelor franchise - there were tears, crazy, and a possible murderer. What else could you ask for from a reality TV show?! And let me just say... I love my story. But that's because I don't have a tragic...

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happy (late) new year! 2014 in review
Happy Freakin New Year, ya filthy animals! Yeah yeah sure, I'm about a month late... sue me. Or rather, don't, because I'm piss poor.  But, boo ya grandpa! 2014 was a doozy. I can't remember the last time I completely  dominated  anything quite like I did w...

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weekend digestions 1.31.15 // super bowl XLIX edition
The day has almost come again. Tomorrow, my blessed Hawks of the Sea will battle in the deserts of Arizona against the Patriots of New England. It's all come down to this, #HawkNation. Time to go into Beast Mode and finish those hot-headed Pats off along wi...

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7 tv shows that make you feel like you live in NYC with your best gal pals
I may live just a 1.5 hour train ride from the Big Apple (AKA 2 episodes of Gossip Girl), but I get stir-crazy more often than not in Connecticut and am literally counting down the days until I make my own big move to NYC. In order to pass the time until I ...
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