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Aspropyrgos Photowalk (part 1)

A few days ago I had the joy and honor to meet 3 great photographers and friends (+helen sotiriadis +Aleka Iakovidou and +Alex Bazeos) and go to a magic place near Athens (Alex' special place) to shoot the sunset together.
We had a really great time and we'll surely meet again to go shoot some other sunset or maybe even some sunrise, why not?
They have already posted some wonderful photographs. Take a look, you're going to love them!!!

Helen's photograph:
Alex' one:
And Aleka's:

It was really a challenge to decide whether to process this image in color or B&W, as the colors were beautiful and you can see that from my friends' photographs. But I had so clear in my mind all the time the B&W version that I had to go with it. I'll probably process a color version too one of these days ...I'm just waiting to be in a color mood :)

#SeaTuesday #BWFineArtLE by +Joel Tjintjelaar #FineArtPls by +Marina Chen
#PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek
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Beautiful Tones and Detail! Great Shot!
So beautiful +Julia Anna Gospodarou! I love the composition, the lovely milky water and especially that bright part of the sky on the right horizon. So dreamy! :)
How... I was almost certain that you were going to upload it in b&w :-)
Lovely treatment and I like also as +Athena Carey already mentioned this part of the sky on the right!!!!!
That is so good +Julia Anna Gospodarou ! I especially love the gradients: so subtle, so beautiful. Such a great transition to the bright whites in the centre of the photo: it's masterful! You know what I think of the importance of tonal gradations!
A beauty:)
this is so beautiful. wonderfully done.
+Aleka Iakovidou you were? Really? I wonder why, haha! Thank you very much Aleka! Your photo is wonderful, btw! :)
+Joel Tjintjelaar thank you!!! A comment like this from you on one of my photos makes all the trouble I had with my compy today seem like it never happened.:) Oh yes, I know your love for gradients and I also know that you made me love them too! :D
+Geoff Yale glad you like it, thank you! :)
+Stefan Bäurle thank you so much Stefan! :)
+Filip Lučin we were lucky to have some beautiful clouds that day. Thank you! :)
+Jeff Vyse thanks, that jetty is wonderful and it has so much potential! I'll definitely go back there for more :)
+Peter Sandin thanks a lot! Glad you like it! :)
How great is that! Not only to you honour us with a great image but you got to meet some great people! :)
What a glorious seascape you are offering us Julia! Love the composition, those leading lines, the play with the light, the smooth sky echoing the silky water, that you kept it as a rectangle and that it's a B&W :)
oh and I love to see the other's vision of the same spot :)
What a glorious seascape you are offering us Julia! Love the composition, those leading lines, the play with the light, that smooth sky echoing the silky water, that you kept it as a rectangle and that it's B&W :) ... ok I could have summed it up by I love it :) Definitely a fav of mine from you :)
+John Kosmopoulos thank you, I'm honored that you like it! It was really fun shooting it together with Helen, Aleka and Alex. I don't know what we were doing more: shooting or laughing :))
+Laurent Coppée thank you very much Laurent! To tell you he truth, I played with the square format a bit (I always do), but this one had rectangle written all over it. From the moment I set the camera I felt that :)
Bella foto ..
Mystery in this picture..
Oh you definitely made the right choice using the B&W process. I have to say again this is so beautiful. The light is perfect. Its almost haunting. I'm sure color would be nice too but this one had me do a double take when I was going through all the ocean pics and B&W doesn't usually do that for me. Good Job!
+Joni DiMaggio I'm really honored. I have to admit I like it too and I'm usually very critical towards my own work. I think I just "clicked" with this scene and subject. And, like I said in the beginning, it was something like love at first sight between this shot and B&W. I was just the hand that brought them together :D
I'm too late here (as ever) but I'll only say one thing:
I'd be too happy if this was my photo!
...ok I lied, I'll say another one: I wouldn't change a single thing about it!
There, I said it all...
+Brian Spencer with a new computer I'll be able to do twice as much as I'm doing now (that's how much I'm baby-sitting the one I have till it finishes its job :)) Thank you so much!
+Najla Salman I'm honored that you like my work. It makes me very happy to see that my photos can provoke a reaction. Thank you! :)
you uploaded this two days ago and i just saw it now.
screwy notifications.

i love this in BW -- the long exposure is perfect, with the glass water and the smooth sky.

great vision.
yes, I know +helen sotiriadis! G+ notifications need a good polishing :) Glad you like it. Thanks!
We should do this again soon, it was great fun!! :)
very nice work and processing here a great dream for me.......<
Oh, here's the original ! I could I miss it ? Again, splendid shot, Julia !
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