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Julia Anna Gospodarou
Works at Architect | Internationally Awarded B&W Fine Art Photographer
Attended University of Architecture and Urban Planning "Ion Mincu", Bucharest
Lives in Athens


Fluid Time III – Two Worlds 
_Hancock Tower, Chicago – Architects  SOM _
The 3rd part of my (en)Visionographic Chicago Story, shot during the Chicago Architectural workshop 2013 that I organized with Vision Explorers. This is one of the tallest (344 m), most impressive and fascinating buildings of the Windy City, and one of the best subjects to shot for my LE Tilt-Shift Blur series. 
My photography/art advice for the day: 
“(beep) the rest!  If you feel that you are right, then you are” (pardon the language : )) You can read much more about this in my Guide to Vision™ (with better language also) and in the upcoming book From Basics to Fine Art – A set with 35 rules of how to discover your vision and personal style, taken from more than 20 years experience I have in working with art, architecture and photography and also from the experience of many great artists of all times that were in the same spot before me. 
You are the source of everything you create, do never forget this! So, don't try to copy, don't try to emulate, it will not be “You” and it will show. Just have a look around you and you will see who is expressing his own self in his work and words and who is just following. Nothing bad in being inspired, but do not stop there, you will lose yourself as an artist, you will miss your creative purpose. And you may have just one chance to do this because life is short, it's not just a cliché. On the other side, if you do believe in what you do, don't care what others say, what others do, just do your thing. Follow your instincts and they will get you there eventually. Trust your logic and feelings and transform them into images, this is what art is about, being true to your beliefs and finding a way to put them out there for the world to see them. If you do this, you accomplished your mission in front of yourself. 
And don't forget, this is a very tough world, the world of art. Especially once you reach a certain level of exposure. As an artist you are by default exposed since you show your most inner self in your art. You couldn't do your job if you weren't, but that makes you vulnerable: of being critiqued, of being envied, of unscrupulous people  using your work or taking advantage of your ideas without giving you credit, of being scrutinized all the time. I'm talking from experience here, mine and others'. But it shouldn't scare you, it's normal. And you should keep in mind that true value and talent, plus hard work  will always prevail, will always be rewarded. So, trust in yourself and your art, go on doing what you do and don't care about anything else! You are the one that counts, because you have the vision that will become that masterpiece you have in mind...  you are the creator of your “Mona Lisa”...

Technique: T/S LE = Tilt + Shift + Long Exposure
Camera settings: 393.0 sec. @ f/6.3, ISO 100
Shot with Canon 5D MK3 & TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II 
T/S settings - 8.5 degrees oblique tilt at 45 degrees rotation, 12mm shift (rise)
Filters: 10+6 stops +Formatt-Hitech  Filters ProStop IRND - Joel Tjintjelaar Edition
Processing - LR5, PS CS6, +Topaz Labs  B&W Effects 2+Topaz DeNoise 5 + Topaz Detail 3

I have to say that Topaz DeNoise  did a great job in removing the noise from this image. I'm really happy with how it worked in this case, I was even wondering if I should process the image or not since it had quite a bit of noise, before I passed it through Topaz DeNoise. Check out all the Topaz plugins here  and if you like them get a 15% discount with code “juliaannagospodarou”. Topaz Detail has an even better discount this month. 50% off with code "aprdetail" from the same link. 

For more technical (processing etc.)  details about this image, you know by now, I invite you over to my site 
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LifO Magazine Interview 
Στα Ελληνικά και πάλι! : ) Δημοσιευμένη σε ένα πολύ δημοφιλές περιοδικό που αγαπώ πολύ, το LifO, είμαι σίγουρη ότι το ξέρετε όλοι. Και αυτό με κάνει πολύ υπερήφανη!!! 
Another interview in Greek, in a magazine I love and read a lot, with a circulation of more than 300.000 copies per week, so I'm very proud to have been asked to be published there. A thank you to Thanasis Haramis for the invitation and the great questions!! For my friends who don't speak Greek, this is mostly about photography and about being a fine art architectural photographer in Athens, my experiences and my professional plans. I promise I'll talk about these things and more in English also very soon, so don't be sad if “it all sounds Greek to you” : ) 
Enjoy and thank you for all your wonderful support!
PS. Check out the iPad version! It's said to be very cool!!
#architecturalphotography   #blackandwhite   #fineart    #athens   #lifo   #interview  
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Kisses to you too +Aleka Iakovidou ! And thanks a lot, quite busy but everything's good. Hope you're doing good too :)
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Plus One Collection III
My submission  for this year's book - the image Fluid Time II – Chicago architecture, from a series I'm currently working on and from which I'll be posting the next image very soon.
It's the third year  I'm participating to this collection put together by +Ivan Makarov   and +Andy Lee  and I'm happy to take part  in a project that is becoming a wonderful tradition of publishing art to raise money and help those in need.
The cause this year is   The Samburu Project, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides access to safe, clean and drinking water to communities in Kenya. 
Submissions are open for just one more day and it's for a  noble cause, so hurry if you want to send your images. Details about how to submit 

#PlusOneCollectionIII   #chicago #architecture   #FluidTime    #TiltShift  
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Many thanks +Mimmo Di Giuseppe ! Have a great weekend! :)
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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To be the first to get my news and photos just subscribe to my site  News on From Basics To Fine Art book there soon!
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Bom dia
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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There are not many things I like more than preparing for a new workshop... 
So much looking forward to it, every time!!
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Thank you +Aamir Shahzad and +sal virji ! This is a private workshop I'm doing actually, but you're very welcome to join me, absolutely! :)
Hi +Elegant Clever ! 
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Shadows of A Soul – Part Deux
Berlin – Jewish Museum - Architect Daniel Libeskind
You can see the first part of the Shadows of A Soul series here These are images I never posted publicly and you can only see them on my site. 
For more about this image stay tuned, I'll post the story behind it in a couple of days, together with details about the processing, since it was a quite complicated image to work on. This is a combination of 5 images and I'll show you how I made this look like it does. Believe me, it has nothing to do with the originals. But I won't spoil the surprise... : )
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Whoever knows me better knows that I'm totally in love with people motion blur in photography. People motion blur can travel me to a totally different world and show me things I'll never see in normal circumstances, it's like a transcendental experience to watch this kind of images and to create them myself. That “state of trance” that only art can set you in, I'm feeling it when I come in contact with this kind of photographs or when I live them by working on them. 
It all started in 1994 when I saw the people motion blur work of Alexey Titarenko for the first time. It was the moment I came in contact with Fine art photography and when I understood that there is much more to it than to click the shutter and capture a nice scene. When I understood that you can use photography to explore worlds unseen by anyone and that you can show this worlds to everyone then and make them part of your experience. That was a turning point on my artistic path, that was the moment when I started to “see” not only to look... 
I had pretty much the same feelings when I saw for the first time for real an exhibition with the paintings of Francis Bacon in Paris in 1996. If you are familiar with Bacon you know that in his paintings the bodies of the subjects are also “blurred”, contorted, changed. They lose their shape to transform into something else that takes you to another dimension, to subconscious and even further. Even if using different tools, photography and painting, for me the two artists are similar as for how far they go with exploring the unseen side of this world and how powerful the experience can be. I still haven't found something that can replace the sensation the work of these two artists give me. 
This was a long introduction to why I like to work with people motion blur, for those who don't know that already. 
But as I said ...more about it in a couple of days. See you on my site.
#motionblur   #berlin   #architecture  
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eu adoro esse livro
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Now (en)Visionography - The New Photography – has its own domain name and soon a dedicated site. By now you know what (en)Visionography means, but do you know WHY the word is written  like this and why it is so important to be written like this? What the prefix “(en)” in front of “Visionography” means and that it bears with it a whole artistic philosophy. Do you know what an (en)Visionographer is? How to create (en)Visionography? What the Manifest of (en)Visionography is? These and many  more you will find out on  and in the upcoming book From Basics to Fine Art  - yes, I know, we're a bit late with it and we apologize for that, but we're 99,99999% done and so excited to be launching very soon. And I promise you, it will be PERFECT!!!

#envisionography   #vision   #fineart   #juliaannagospodarou   #blackandwhite   #photography  
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Thank you +Monochrome in Zambia ! It's almost there!!
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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Metropolis Magazine Interview
Μια συνέντευξη “εφ'ολης της ύλης” που έδωσα για το περιοδικό Metropolis που κυκλοφορεί και μπορείτε να το διαβάσετε από σήμερα. Αθήνα και γιατί την αγαπώ.
A new interview with me in the Greek magazine Metropolis that you can find at the news stands from today. No photography this time (not much, anyway). Talking about Athens, history, architecture, life in the city and more. If you don't speak Greek, well, you'll have to find a friend who does, to translate it for you, if you want to hear me talking about anything else than (en)Visionography, Photography Drawing and fine art : ) I can only tell you that it's (even more) interesting. 
Photo and questions by Stefanos Kastrinakis
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Another great Athens fine art architectural workshop!!
I had such a wonderful time today with my student shooting the best Neoclassical architecture in Athens. More great time and lovely architecture for the next 2 days! 
Image processing: my newest discovery +DxO Labs  Film Pack 4. If you love film like I do, you will love it.
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Wonderful pic 
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Topaz DeNoise Feature of Ode to Black II – Anima Black
Hello World! No, I didn't disappear : ) I'm back and happy to be featured by +Topaz Labs  again!! I was telling you some time ago that I have a new love among the Topaz plugins and this is the DeNoise one. Have a look at my photo in this feature and what a great job DeNoise did with it, removing all the noise while keeping the detail sharp. I just love that! There's a great 50% discount till March 31st (39.99USD) and believe me, it's worth every penny! You can get it here with the code “mardenoise”. 
Check out the feature as well 
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+Christian Bremer I'm glad that you like Topaz DeNoise and I'm sure you'll like it more and more as you work with it. Thank you for saying that about my work, I'm truly moved and I'm honored too :) 
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Architect | Internationally Awarded B&W Fine Art Photographer -
  • Architect | Internationally Awarded B&W Fine Art Photographer
    Architect | Fine Art Photographer, present
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Bucharest - Patras
Contact Information
Athens, Greece
Tagline - Architect | Internationally Awarded B&W Fine Art Photographer

Upcoming events:
- ATHENS Fine Art Architectural Workshop, Nov. 2-3, 2013 

Organizing: Fine Art Architectural Workshops | Private Workshops | Fine Art Photography  Mentoring Programs
Contact for details:

Past events:
- Organizer of the FIRST ever Fine Art Architectural  Workshop  in ATHENS, November 2012
Organizer of the FIRST GOOGLE+ EURO PHOTOWALK in BERLIN, May 2012
TOPAZ LABS Plugins Affiliate - Get 15% discount on any Topaz Labs product (including B&W Effects 2) by using the code: JULIAANNAGOSPODAROU to order from this link:


- PX3 2013 – PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS - People's Choice Awards - Category Fine Art Architecture PROFESSIONALS – GOLD (1st Prize) for the series “ODE TO BLACK” Series overview

- PX3 2013 – PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS - People's Choice Awards - Category Architecture Advertising PROFESSIONALS – SILVER (2nd Prize) for the series “ODE TO BLACK” Series overview

-BLACK & WHITE SPIDER AWARDS 2013 - 3 Nominations – Architecture Category for the images: 1/ Converging, 2/ Hidden, 3/ Like a Harp's Strings I - Overture Details:


- IPA 2013 – INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - 3 Honorable Mentions for the series "ODE TO BLACK - BLACK HOPE" – Category ARCHITECTURE Professionals– Buildings, Architecture Self Promotion, Architecture Other

- IPA 2013 – INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - 3 Honorable Mentions for the series "CATHARSIS" – Category FINE ART Professionals– Landscape, Fine Art Self Promotion, Fine Art Trees

- PX3 2013 – PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS - Category Architecture Advertising PROFESSIONALS – Bronze (Third Prize) for the series “ODE TO BLACK” - Series overview

- PX3 2013 – PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS – Category Fine Art Architecture PROFESSIONALS – Honorable Mention for the series “ODE TO BLACK” - Series overview

- SWPA 2013 - Sony - WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Finalist Top 10 shortlist - Category ARCHITECTURE PROFESSIONALS - for the series "LIKE A HARP'S STRINGS" (The series consists in 6 B&W long exposure photographs of the Katehaki Pedestrian Bridge, Athens, designed by S. Calatrava) - 

- IPA 2012 - INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Winner of Honorable Mention for the series "LIKE A HARP'S STRINGS" - Category Architecture - Bridges (The series consists in 5 B&W long exposure photographs of the Katehaki Pedestrian Bridge, Athens, designed by S. Calatrava)  : &

- IPA 2012 - INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Winner of Honorable Mention for the series "A PATH TO THE SKY" Category - Architecture - Buildings (The series consists in 5 B&W long exposure photographs of modern architecture in Athens and Berlin)   : &
Awarded series overview:

- BEST OF 500px for 2012 – TOP 10 - Category: ABSTRACT - for Like a Harp's Strings III - Rising - &



Architect and International Award-Winning Black and White Fine Art photographer, Julia lives in Athens and has a passion for both architecture and photography, doing them with the same dedication and joy. Interested in photography from a very young age, she is used to think in images and considers them even more important than words.

Julia is mostly known for her Black & White long exposure architectural photography, but she is covering with her work multiple aspects and photographic genres, as she is in love with beauty in all its forms and is always in search of the best way to express herself in images. That's why you will see her shooting seascapes, landscapes, street photography or portraits with the same enthusiasm she shoots buildings or cityscapes.

Adept of the idea that processing your photographs is at least as important as capturing them, in order to give them a piece of yourself and make them express your unique vision and your own view over the world, a view that is different for each and every photographer, her work goes beyond the boundaries of traditional photography and enters the fields of imagination and of searching for a perfect world and the expression of this world through images.

Published internationally in numerous books and magazines, her photographic work can also be seen online on the most important photography sites: 500px, Google+, Flickr,, Art Limited.

And if you are curious about her architectural work, just take a look at the latest big architectural projects done in Athens and all over Greece and also at her Architectural Bio and Projects list for a few examples:


As long as I know myself I was in a constant quest for the best way of expressing myself and my vision about the world in images. In order to do that I've used over time different tools as: drawing, designing and in a large measure photography.

Photography for me represents a language of its own and one of the most beautiful languages indeed, and long exposure photography represents the most magical part of this language, the part that allows us to come in contact with our subconscious and with the things we don't know that we know… What I try do is to speak this language in order to make myself understood, to convey my ideas and feelings and to show to others the beauty I see and the perfection that exists in everything that surrounds us, from an abstract architectural detail all the way to the motion of a wave embracing a rock, or the hint of gesture of a stranger passing in the street.

Beauty and perfection are always there, even in the places that one wouldn't expect them to exist, the only prerequisite in order to see them is to always have your eyes, heart and mind open. I try to find them and when I do I'm happy. I then try to capture them so I can keep them from flying away, I need to afterwards interpret them through my processing so I can add my own self to the equation and finally show the result back to the world. It's a full circle, I take my inspiration from the world around me and I give my images back to it as a sign of gratitude for the beauty that it showed me. All these steps going through the circle are equally fascinating to me and each one adds something to the life of the image I create. For me the life of an image, this process that starts with the image being conceived in the mind of a photographer and culminates when it reaches and gives emotion to the viewer and also back to the photographer himself, this life always aims as its utmost goal at capturing the time and making it last forever. And this is a fundamental aspect of photography: making things, people and emotions immortal.

Beauty is my statement about the world I live in, it's what I search for, it's what interests me when I open my eyes in the morning, when I take my camera and go out shooting and when I sit in front of my images processing them, trying to make them mine, to make them express my own thoughts and feelings about the things I see. Photography makes me happy and this is not a cliché. It surprises me every day and it gives me a safe space where I can be myself no matter what, and this means freedom.

Photography, as an art form, is the utmost expression of freedom, because beauty is above and beyond all freedom of spirit.


I specialize is B&W architectural fine art photography and this has very much to do with my passion for architecture, also with my main profession, which is architect.

My approach to architectural photography is to look at my subjects and present them in a rather minimalist and abstract way. This approach is related to the way I think and to my artistic education and background, also to the preferences I have in art. This way of seeing architecture doesn't mean though that I'm abstracting my subjects in such an extent for my images to become only a combination of shapes.

What I'm trying to convey through my photography is a different way of looking at buildings by emphasizing and presenting almost abstract structural details, without though removing completely the factor of scale, form and context that could help identify the object. This is again the architect in me speaking, since I believe that you can't create real and valuable architecture if you ignore the context, either you harmonize your creation with it, or you aim to contrast with it. Therefore, when capturing architecture I am guided by the same principles as when I'm designing, abstracting my subjects in context. My aim with this “almost abstract” approach of a building is to put the mind of the viewer in a different space, where he needs to find different rules to interpret what he sees, a different language, but where I'm not interested to show him only an interesting or unexpected play of lines or patterns, but also help him have a glance at the essence, the soul of the structure that I photographed, which for me gives substance and emotional value to the photograph, it makes it become warm and alive, it helps it find a quicker way to the soul of the viewer, which is what I eventually aim to touch with my work: I'm not interested in touching the viewer's mind, I'm not addressing to his logic, I'm aiming to his soul and to everything that transcends the logical understanding and cold plain analyze. I'm aiming to create art and, in my world, art doesn't address to the mind, but to the soul. I think this is what defines my work and sets it apart, the fact that I'm not aiming at a logical perfection, but at an emotional one. In this respect, I could call the style of my architectural photography “emotional abstract”, term that also defines my way of thinking in general.

I call the process that leads to the creation of my photographs “(en)visionography” and this is the name I give to what I do, the alternative name for photography that I find more suitable for my work, and the result of this process is a fusion of reality and imagination, where the image starts by being a white board where I design and build my photograph by using from reality only those elements that help me convey my vision and the idea I want to present in the final image. Processing is the tool I use to achieve my goal, to give shape to my vision, and the way I'm processing my work is very similar to what I would do if I was drawing the photograph by using a pencil, the same way I do it when I'm drawing on paper. This is why I’m talking about “drawing my photographs” instead of processing them. In essence, what I do is to take a raw image from the world and mold it into the shape of my mind and soul, so I can identify with it. It's a very personal process, as the creation process is for every artist and it first has a meaning and value to me and only afterwards to the others. My goal by doing photography is to first cover my need of expressing myself through art and then to send my thoughts out into the world in a form that can be understood. I'm using light and shadow to “draw” my thoughts into a photograph that is therefore becoming my voice. I know that I have reached my goal when the viewer can “read” my message and is moved by it. Which is the message? Beauty is the message and the mystery of life.


I like beauty. All kinds of beauty ...seen, heard, written.
I like contrasts ...light and dark, silence and noise, stillness and dynamism.
I like playing and discovering.
I like languages. All of them. I like the civilizations, the places and the people behind them.
I like, scratch that! ...I adore music.
I like studying people, understanding their strengths and sensibilities.
I like => love  to travel.
I like to mould  matter into shapes, I like to turn sensations into photographs, I like to dive into the music of each moment that I happen to be a part of.

Last but not least ...I love Manual Mode.

...and I like to make fun of it all, once in a while.

Some details:
Curating the sea related theme #SeaTuesday (page  +Sea Tuesday ).

Also co-curating the architectural related theme #ArchitecturalVisions (page +ArchitecturalVisions) together with +Joel Tjintjelaar

Bragging rights
I hate to brag about it, so I'll just mention in passing: I'm fluent to comfortable in English, French, Greek, Romanian, Italian (not necessarily in that order) and I can survive in German.
  • University of Architecture and Urban Planning "Ion Mincu", Bucharest
    Architecture, Urban Planning, Design, 1992 - 1998
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