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Julia Anna Gospodarou
Works at Architect | Internationally Awarded B&W Fine Art Photographer
Attended University of Architecture and Urban Planning "Ion Mincu", Bucharest
Lives in Athens
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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Happy New Year! I’m wishing you all a fantastic 2017.
Alter Ego - Millennium Bridge London
Looking forward to my London workshop in March (if you want to join hurry; there are only 2 spots left) and to all the other exciting things this new year will bring. I have a feeling it will be a great year. No particular reason why I have this feeling but I always rely on my intuition and it rarely deceives me.
If you’re not in a big hurry for the New Year’s Eve dinner, and you can take some more Julia photography rambling for 2016, then read on.

Exercise in creativity
If you look at my work lately you will see a pattern. Reflections, shadows, backlit subjects and generally images where I could find a certain amount of mystery. Not my usual architectural work you have gotten used to but it’s still me, believe me. I think the search for mystery and subjects that evoke it comes from my curiosity to discover and understand the hidden parts of life. I’m fascinated by what is happening inside us and not only outside and this is one thing art is helping us do. I’ve said many times that (en)Visionography is about taking inspiration from the artist’s own life and I’m always practicing what I preach. My photography is autobiographic and I think art is generally like this. This is what gives a work of art authenticity. To understand this idea better, I decided to make an experiment and not work on a specific series for a certain period of time, but just see if my subconscious can create a series or a pattern on its own, without me consciously going on this path. I’m making this experiment for a few months already and looking back I see there really is a pattern in what I choose to work with. Except for the ideas the experiment itself gave me, this approach made me be more receptive to what I’m photographing and to what it triggers inside me. I think this is a very good exercise in creativity and it adds to the sensation of freedom photography is giving us. This is what I search in photography, the freedom it gives me to express myself, a freedom I cannot find when using other means of expression. And the funny thing is that, without searching for it, I can see a clear leitmotif in my images, rising from me being open to serendipity.

The moral? Don’t lose your freedom and the ability to step out of the beaten path sometimes and just give yourself the right to break even your own rules from time to time. You never know what new facets of your art and personality you might discover.

If you want to know more about my thought process in photography and about (en)Visionography, you can watch my new video tutorial Creating (en)Visionography

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Polly W
Wow! Really love your awesome work. Happy New Year 😊
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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ASCENDING WHITE - EYE Film Institute Amsterdam – 240,2 sec
First I want to say a big thank you to all of you who got my new video tutorial Creating (en)Visionography. I’m humbled and overwhelmed by the high interest and the reactions of those who watched it. This photo can be seen in the video and you can see me shooting this building from another angle too. You can find the video here and I’m looking forward to more of your thoughts about it.

This photo was sitting on my hard drive together with a few other finished images for more than a month. Why? Well, because it was not yet its time to go out into the world. Now it is. Because now it matches my experiences even more than when I was making it. I was only imagining things fast forward back then but now I’m living them and everything makes sense: reality and the art that imagines it.

It was a very interesting experience shooting this location even if my first choice angle was not accessible at the time because the area was closed. However this made me search for other angles that could express my idea and pushed me to be creative. Now I think this angle is even better than what I had in mind before getting there. Many times limitations can make you find even better and more creative solutions than what easy going situations can. I’ve had countless experiences like this in architectural design and photography, and generally in life. I could even say I love these challenges because they push my mind and imagination further and I become richer as a result.

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on how the experiences we have can change us and how we can use them in our creative work. I think part of being an artist means having experiences, all kind of experiences, good or bad, safe or risky, just have experiences and live them fully, then make them symbols and put them in your work. This process reflects into the work we create in a much bigger measure than what we might think. This is what makes our artistic style in the end and this is why I’m not the one to give technique and gear much credit for making creative photography, and why I try to move the weight to what comes before the work is created and what lies inside the artist. Sure technique is important to give everything a shape but not more than knowing the alphabet if you are a writer, or having a brush if you are a painter. To give something a shape, you first need to have that “something” and that’s where it all begins.

I’m talking about this (and of course about technique, don’t think I completely dismiss it) in my new video and I personally am overenthusiastic about it and the things I’m discovering every day and sharing with you in my video, the book and my website. I hope you’re just as enthusiastic about them as I am.

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Many thanks everyone! Much appreciated the good words! 
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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Without further ado...
PS. The ado is in the article...
Of course. What did you think? Thay I can be so monosylabyc?:)
Black Friday 2016 Before I start with the practical things, I want to say that I am so proud of all my students and the people who read this blog and react to my ideas.
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You can still read +Bing Quijote! It's free :) 
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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NEW blog post, NEW image, NEW “making of” video … UNKNOWN PROPHECY
Find them all on my website together with one more sample of my flood-like photography thinking, this time about being vulnerable in art.
Tomorrow is the LAST DAY for the 20% special discount for my LONDON Workshop 2017. The spots are already limited. If you want to join us, don't miss it.

Making of "Unknown Prophecy". Being vulnerable in art is one of the prerequisites of great art. It allows the artist to explore more honestly his emotion and transmit it in his work more efficiently
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Fantastic photo! 
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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Black Friday BEFORE Black Friday
WORKSHOP Launch tomorrow with “Black Friday-like” discounts - 20% OFF for 3 DAYS ONLY – Limited to 15 spots. It helps to register fast. My last workshop sold out in a matter of days.
Guess where (en)Visionography will go next!
The response tomorrow. You will love it! It’s an amazing city, full of history and modernity. The perfect place to create (en)Visionography (and have fun doing it).
Subscribe to be sure you won’t miss it
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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FREE Fine Art Preset Series "Dark City" for DxO - Extended 2017 Edition
I've been asked many times to make available the preset series "Dark City" for DxO, that recreates the typical intense look you see in my images and other fine art looks too, but this year was so busy and with so many unexpected turns that it took a while till I found the time to release the updated version. It's done now and it's my present to you for the New Year.
This image (Chevron Ring - Houston TX) was created exclusively with Dark City Soft Blur preset.
You can download the presets freely at the link below and I wish you to create fantastic images with them. Happy holidays everyone and have a beautiful new year ahead!
#dxo #filmpack #dxopresets #fineartpresets 
The new FREE extended 2017 version of the original fine art DxO Preset Series Dark City created by Julia Anna Gospodarou for black and white and color photography
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Happy New Year +Μελένια Μέλι!
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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A great issue filled with B&W minimalism and if you have a few minutes to spend, there's an intro interview with me inside.
Minimalism photography magazine
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.....Wonderful Julia Anna..!!!Melenia...Good night...
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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Video Tutorial Creating (en)Visionography – Fine Art, Long Exposure, Architecture, B&W Processing
**30 early bird 30% DISCOUNT**
Get it from my website at the link below and good luck in getting one of the discounts!.
Happy to be releasing this video after months of intense work. I’m very excited about it and I hope you will like it. Feel free to let me know your opinion. Reviews and testimonials are more than welcome.

Video Tutorial - Fine Art, Long Exposure, Architecture analyzes vision, (en)Visionography and how to create fine art photography. 2+ hours of rich content
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Good to hear it +MJ Whiteman! Hope you'll enjoy it. Good luck with your work :) 
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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NEW Video Tutorial Launching TOMORROW
Creating (en)Visionography – Fine Art, Long Exposure, Architecture, B&W Processing
**30 early bird 30% DISCOUNT**
5 PM CET Paris - 6 PM EET Athens - 11 AM EST New York – 8 AM PST San Francisco - 12 AM SST Singapore
If you want to get one of the discounts be sure to be here at 5 PM CET sharp.
After an intensive work of several months in conceiving, recording and editing, I’m proud to say it is finally here!
Video preview Video summary at link below.
I will launch the video here on my social media so you can access immediately the discounts. In case you want to receive the announcement in your inbox subscribe to my newsletter
I want to dedicate this video to my father who instilled into me the love for photography from an early age and was always an example of strength and perseverance in life. 
Video Tutorial - Fine Art, Long Exposure, Architecture analyzes vision, (en)Visionography and how to create fine art photography. 2+ hours of rich content
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are you actor
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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LAST DAY to get the 20% discount for the LONDON (en)Visionography Workshop 2017
Learn and shoot in one of the most exciting cultural capitals of the world. The group is fantastic so far and the workshop is almost full. Can't wait to meet you all!
Discount expires at MIDNIGHT PST. Don't miss it. From tomorrow the price will go 20% up.
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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LONDON (en)Visionography Workshop 2017 - March 31 - April 2
The long-awaited moment. The mystery was revealed - (en)Visionography is coming to London!
The registration is now open and there are already students in.
Black Friday BEFORE Black Friday – 20% discount for the next 3 days ONLY. Expires Monday Nov 21, 2016 @ midnight PST.
Limited to 15 students.
Early registration is warmly recommended. My previous workshop sold out in just a few days.
Get ready for a fantastic experience in inspiring London!

London Workshop 2017 Learn to transform your black and white photography into art, into (en)Visionography, how to create EMOTION and reach the viewers' soul
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It's a wonderful city indeed +Leyla A. Roberson. I'm looking forward to going back there with my students. Thanks! 
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Julia Anna Gospodarou

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NEWS – Happy and sad ones...
To answer to those asking, no I haven’t disappeared :) I’m just working pretty intensely these days on different things. First on the launching of my next workshop (Surprise, surprise! It’s something many of you asked for a long time). Then I’m working on finalizing my 2+ hours video tutorial Creating (en)Visionography. It’s been a lot of work to make this video but it was a great experience working on it. It’s almost done now and I’m very happy with how it came out. I’m a perfectionist so if I like it, I’m sure you’re going to love it too. :) Here’s a taste of it
Also I have some new photos in the works, a B&W photography tutorial for Digital Photographer magazine UK, one of the most well-known photography magazines in the UK and not only, and a couple of articles for my blog. All these projects kept me away from the social media lately because I needed to concentrate.
In the meanwhile I received the great news that I won some more awards, this time at the Black & White Spider Awards 2016, an Honorable Mention and four Nominee titles. I’m very happy for these awards and I can say this has been a fantastic year so far. I don’t think I need more than the IPA Photographer of the Year Award and all the Golden awards I’ve won this year and before, so I think I’ll take it easy with the awards for a while. I want to focus on some projects I have in mind for a long time but didn’t have the time to work on and this will be my plan for next year. It’s still early for New Year’s resolutions but I guess I’m a bit ahead of my time :)
I’ll leave you now with a thought for the great artist who was Leonard Cohen who passed away a few days ago. He was one of my great inspirations and the news of his passing made me weep for the second time this year, after Zaha Hadid’s passing. Every time we lose a great artist I wonder why this world couldn’t be made differently so people like this didn’t have to leave so early, before they could say everything they had to say. It’s so unfair. Leonard Cohen was working on his music till the last moment and he had just launched a new album last month even if he was already seriously ill. He needed more time… It’s sad and I’m sorry to leave you with this sad note but life is so short. So try to live it to the fullest and don’t let even a moment go by without making it worth, because it will never come back… Good bye Leonard! One of my favorite songs of yours
I’ll be back in a few days with my workshop announcement and I promise it will be a more optimistic post. If you want to join me in this new (en)Visionographic adventure, stay tuned!
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Tagline - Architect | Internationally Awarded B&W Fine Art Photographer

NEW BOOK: "From Basics to Fine Art - B&W Photography" with co-author Joel Tjintjelaar -

Organizing: Fine Art Architectural Workshops | Private Workshops | Fine Art Photography  Mentoring Programs
Contact for details:

- ATHENS Fine Art Architectural Workshop, Nov. 2-3, 2013 
- Organizer of the FIRST ever Fine Art Architectural  Workshop  in ATHENS, November 2012
Organizer of the FIRST GOOGLE+ EURO PHOTOWALK in BERLIN, May 2012
TOPAZ LABS Plugins Affiliate - Get 15% discount on any Topaz Labs product (including B&W Effects 2) by using the code: JULIAANNAGOSPODAROU to order from this link:


- PX3 2013 – PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS - People's Choice Awards - Category Fine Art Architecture PROFESSIONALS – GOLD (1st Prize) for the series “ODE TO BLACK” Series overview

- PX3 2013 – PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS - People's Choice Awards - Category Architecture Advertising PROFESSIONALS – SILVER (2nd Prize) for the series “ODE TO BLACK” Series overview

-BLACK & WHITE SPIDER AWARDS 2013 - 3 Nominations – Architecture Category for the images: 1/ Converging, 2/ Hidden, 3/ Like a Harp's Strings I - Overture Details:


- IPA 2013 – INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - 3 Honorable Mentions for the series "ODE TO BLACK - BLACK HOPE" – Category ARCHITECTURE Professionals– Buildings, Architecture Self Promotion, Architecture Other

- IPA 2013 – INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - 3 Honorable Mentions for the series "CATHARSIS" – Category FINE ART Professionals– Landscape, Fine Art Self Promotion, Fine Art Trees

- PX3 2013 – PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS - Category Architecture Advertising PROFESSIONALS – Bronze (Third Prize) for the series “ODE TO BLACK” - Series overview

- PX3 2013 – PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS – Category Fine Art Architecture PROFESSIONALS – Honorable Mention for the series “ODE TO BLACK” - Series overview

- SWPA 2013 - Sony - WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Finalist Top 10 shortlist - Category ARCHITECTURE PROFESSIONALS - for the series "LIKE A HARP'S STRINGS" (The series consists in 6 B&W long exposure photographs of the Katehaki Pedestrian Bridge, Athens, designed by S. Calatrava) - 

- IPA 2012 - INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Winner of Honorable Mention for the series "LIKE A HARP'S STRINGS" - Category Architecture - Bridges (The series consists in 5 B&W long exposure photographs of the Katehaki Pedestrian Bridge, Athens, designed by S. Calatrava)  : &

- IPA 2012 - INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Winner of Honorable Mention for the series "A PATH TO THE SKY" Category - Architecture - Buildings (The series consists in 5 B&W long exposure photographs of modern architecture in Athens and Berlin)   : &
Awarded series overview:

- BEST OF 500px for 2012 – TOP 10 - Category: ABSTRACT - for Like a Harp's Strings III - Rising - &



Architect with a Master degree and International Award-Winning B&W Fine Art photographer, with high distinctions in the most important photography competitions worldwide (SWPA, IPA, PX3, IFPA, B&W Spider Awards etc.), Julia lives in Athens, but considers herself a citizen of the world and this molded her art and life philosophy. Julia has an equal passion for architecture and photography practicing both with the same enthusiasm and joy. In her architectural career she has worked at the most important constructions realized in Greece over the last years, conducting projects or working next to some famous names of Greek and world architecture, like RTKL London or Santiago Calatrava. 

Julia is mostly known for her B&W long exposure architectural photography, which is also the genre that speaks most to her artistic sensibility. Adept of the idea that processing your photographs is at least as important as capturing them, in order to make them express your unique vision and view over the world, a view that defines a photographer's personal style, her work goes beyond the boundaries of traditional photography and enters the fields of imagination and of searching for a perfect world. 

In parallel with her photographic work, Julia also writes fine art photography books (i.e. “From Basics to Fine Art - B&W Photography" with co-author Joel Tjintjelaar and teaches fine art architectural photography workshops for groups or private, around the world, at the same time mentoring students online in B&W Fine Art Photography. Published internationally in numerous books and magazines, her photographic work can also be seen online on the most important photography sites.

She calls her style of photography (en)Visionography™, a new name for photography and a concept saying that fine art photography has to do much more with the vision of the artist than with the subject or how the camera captures it, this being what sets free the imagination and creativity of the photographer. This concept reflects also in her personal creative and processing method called Photography Drawing (PhtD™), method based on how light interacts with volumes and how this can be translated in an image in order to provoke emotion, by using the principles of classical B&W drawing applied to B&W photography.


As long as I know myself I was in a constant quest for the best way of expressing myself and my vision about the world in images. In order to do that I've used over time different tools as: drawing, designing and in a large measure photography.

Photography for me represents a language of its own and one of the most beautiful languages indeed, and long exposure photography represents the most magical part of this language, the part that allows us to come in contact with our subconscious and with the things we don't know that we know… What I try do is to speak this language in order to make myself understood, to convey my ideas and feelings and to show to others the beauty I see and the perfection that exists in everything that surrounds us, from an abstract architectural detail all the way to the motion of a wave embracing a rock, or the hint of gesture of a stranger passing in the street.

Beauty and perfection are always there, even in the places that one wouldn't expect them to exist, the only prerequisite in order to see them is to always have your eyes, heart and mind open. I try to find them and when I do I'm happy. I then try to capture them so I can keep them from flying away, I need to afterwards interpret them through my processing so I can add my own self to the equation and finally show the result back to the world. It's a full circle, I take my inspiration from the world around me and I give my images back to it as a sign of gratitude for the beauty that it showed me. All these steps going through the circle are equally fascinating to me and each one adds something to the life of the image I create. For me the life of an image, this process that starts with the image being conceived in the mind of a photographer and culminates when it reaches and gives emotion to the viewer and also back to the photographer himself, this life always aims as its utmost goal at capturing the time and making it last forever. And this is a fundamental aspect of photography: making things, people and emotions immortal.

Beauty is my statement about the world I live in, it's what I search for, it's what interests me when I open my eyes in the morning, when I take my camera and go out shooting and when I sit in front of my images processing them, trying to make them mine, to make them express my own thoughts and feelings about the things I see. Photography makes me happy and this is not a cliché. It surprises me every day and it gives me a safe space where I can be myself no matter what, and this means freedom.

Photography, as an art form, is the utmost expression of freedom, because beauty is above and beyond all freedom of spirit.


I like beauty. All kinds of beauty ...seen, heard, written.
I like contrasts ...light and dark, silence and noise, stillness and dynamism.
I like playing and discovering.
I like languages. All of them. I like the civilizations, the places and the people behind them.
I like, scratch that! ...I adore music.
I like studying people, understanding their strengths and sensibilities.
I like => love  to travel.
I like to mould  matter into shapes, I like to turn sensations into photographs, I like to dive into the music of each moment that I happen to be a part of.

Last but not least ...I love Manual Mode.

...and I like to make fun of it all, once in a while.

Some details:
Curating the sea related theme #SeaTuesday (page  +Sea Tuesday ).

Also co-curating the architectural related theme #ArchitecturalVisions (page +ArchitecturalVisions) together with +Joel Tjintjelaar

Bragging rights
I hate to brag about it, so I'll just mention in passing: I'm fluent to comfortable in English, French, Greek, Romanian, Italian (not necessarily in that order) and I can survive in German.
  • University of Architecture and Urban Planning "Ion Mincu", Bucharest
    Architecture, Urban Planning, Design, 1992 - 1998
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