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Jules Stuifbergen
Data driven by day. Random all other times.
Data driven by day. Random all other times.

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Multi Channel Funnel Conversion Rate per path

Freshly blogged: a trick that solves an annoying shortcoming in Google Analytics Multi Channel Funnel reports.
It answers:
How many visits do you get for each multi channel funnel path?
How can you calculate the conversion rate for each combination?

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Vakantie begint... vandaag.
Met de jaarlijkse Haruki Murakami traditie. Lekkere dikke Japanse pil.

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Pure GTM implementation of a Cookie Consent Dialog system

Just published this. Texts are in Dutch for now (will update it later) - but they're all configurable via variables.
Please share your feedback !

Cookie consent system in GTM

I've built a pure GTM cookie consent setup this morning.
With this, you can trigger tags based on the correct opt-in level.
It's pure GTM, so no external scripts needed.

I'm going to write a blog post about it and make it available online, but first, I'd love to hear your input and experience with such systems.

Please reply here with your ideas / annoyances / everything cookie-permission related.

Also, if you already know about an existing GTM-only cookie-consent thing: let me know. The only ones I could find were using external (or local) scripts.


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Properly segment your a/b test users with advanced segments (and sequences) - Just blogged my best practice for this.

Are you using the same segmentation for your analysis?

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Tik tok tik tok.. soms word ik blij van nieuwe spulletjes.

Hier mijn nieuwe aanwinst, een echte Pragotron.


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Here's a code snippet for your collection: detect incognito mode.

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My curated selection of #measure  related links of May/June 2016, as found by me in the various communities out there.

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Quantified Self meets Google Analytics

Very cool post about tracking your habits / life with Google Analytics.
Actually thought about this a lot myself, but never done it.

I thought it was too much hassle to set up. But by actually starting small, and automating a lot via IFTT, a lot of stuff can be automated once, and then run forever.
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