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Jules McNubbin
Works at Buttmuffin Enterprises, Inc.
Attends Priest Online University
Lives in Muffin Lair, NC
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Corporate President and Omnipotent Ruler
  • Buttmuffin Enterprises, Inc.
    Corporate President and Omnipotent Ruler, present
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Muffin Lair, NC
You can call me jules, muffin, or almighty goddess of the universe. I answer to all of the above. I am a sarcastic smart ass with a warped sense of humor. In my spare time, I read cookbooks on the toilet, watch doppler radar in motion, put on puppet shows for the blind and incontinent, juggle kittens, collect dryer lint, knit underpants for the elderly, create obscene sculptures out of playdoh, plot revenge, taunt the happy fun ball, and raise my left eyebrow at those who are not worthy. I love laughing til I cry, pics of trees, berries, purple, cold pillows, sleeping, writing bad poetry, stealing underpants, daydreaming about going to Italy, tormenting Mr. Buttons with dangly objects; being extremely vague to confuse people, and lying in the grass, staring up at the moon and the stars and thinking about how small and insignificant we really are here on Earth. Dislikes: People who put on excessive perfume to go to the gym, old people wearing short-shorts, sweaty guys who don't wipe off the gym equipment, the sound of someone CLIPPING THEIR TOENAILS, slow drivers, people who chew with their mouth open, telemarketers, noisy people in movie theaters, public restrooms, Walmart, tantrum-throwing small children, anyone talking loudly on a cell phone in public, trying to decipher Captcha letters and brussels sprouts. Fears: tsunamis, tornadoes, tomatoes, dark deep water, fuzzy caterpillars, the vein in Julia Roberts' forehead, and feathers.
  • Priest Online University
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