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Jules Burt
Yep, it's me, no, really, it is, honest!
Yep, it's me, no, really, it is, honest!


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OK my friends, I have three invites to forward to anyone who posts their email address below! Share the love people!

Inbox friends! Could someone please make my day and send me an invite please? Been dying to get one! My email is Thanks!

Hello fellow Google Inbox fans. I'm dying to get my hands on an invite and get stuck into this great looking email alternative - alas, no invite for me....been a few days on the list now and not including in today's mail out.
If anyone has a spare they could send me at I would be very grateful!
Thanks, Jules

Hello friends! If any of you have a Google inbox invite spare, I would be very appreciative! Thanks, Jules.

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This made me laugh!
Geeks: Ready ... Set .... Go!

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A better look at an eBay auction for vinatge paperbacks as seen here;

Thanks for looking!

Video will be deleted when these are sold so if you are watching this then they are still available.
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Rocking a new Dell Chromebook 11. It's amazing! Far, far superior in almost every way to my old Samsung series 3 Chromebook. Beautiful screen, great speakers, receptive keyboard, weirdly organic feeling casing (not plastic at all), super quick with 4GB of RAM, amazing battery life, super smooth and crystal clear video streaming (through Netflix). Gonna be spending a lot of time with this beauty.
It truly is a delight to use. So glad not to have waited for the new Samsung Chromebook 2, especially after their mixed reviews, so far.
It is handling with ease, everything I am throwing at it. 
I bought it direct from Dell in the UK as I've not seen it available through any other source. Apparently, this is being marketed as an educational Chromebook, targeted at schools and colleges. I say, why should the kids have all the fun! This 4GB version came in at £238. Ordered on Saturday, delivered Tuesday, not bad service at all.
I cannot recommend this Chromebook highly enough. 
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