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Do you know where your shrimp comes from? Why I am a #Vegetarian

Several weeks ago we got an email from the good folks who produce our CSA vegetable box that we would each be the proud recipients of grass-fed burger patties. My boyfriend didn’t like the idea that an animal had been in our name. I thought it was kind of…

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Looking for something fun to do with your sweetie without breaking your wallet? Top 5 Cheap Date Nights #date #fun

My boyfriend and I enjoy spending time together – whether it is taking a long motorcycle ride to the ocean or just vegging out on the couch with some ice-cream and strawberries. We like to try new things and come back to old favorites. Both of us are…

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Please give me the gift of #closure: I Would Rather Hear No Than Dead Silence #rejection #respect

So this posting will have a mild rant-like flavor to it and I apologize ahead of time for any inconvenience. Let me back track a little and take you down memory lane to approximately five years ago when I was still on the dating scene. As I had been with…

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#Boundaries are a powerful thing: Why Breastfeeding a Four Year Old is Just Plain Wrong #attachment #parenting #discipline

My boyfriend and I recently finished the Australian series called The Slap. Originally based on a book, this well done production from 2011 was only eight episodes long. But we got hooked. I enjoyed how well-rounded the characters were and in each of the…

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I keep Evernote ready on my phone when #inspiration strikes.

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"I am much happier without a spiritual teacher or practice." Why You Do Not Need a Guru

I actually have to admit something. I went to see Amma. Twice. For those of you who don’t know Amma, she’s the hugging saint who hails from South India. She can sit in the same spot for hours and hours without food, water or a bathroom break, hugging…

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Did you have Chicken McNuggets too on Christmas Eve? All I Want for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Or Happy Holidays for whichever holiday you prefer. I have to admit that during Christmas, I sometimes wish that I had a niece or a nephew. Not my own kids, but someone else’s to buy presents for and catch their contagious…

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Did you ever wish you could meet your #mom before she had #kids? Why I Chose Not to Have Children #childfree #thirties #single

Today’s guest post comes from my friend Christina who I met last year through Meetup last year.  She is pretty clear on why she chose not have children.  Instead, she’s decided to travel all around the world, learn salsa and follow her passion for…

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Beyond the Pecan #Pie: Thankfulness #thanksgiving #gratitude #grateful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It’s the time of year where your boss will write a group email saying how thankful he or she is for a wonderful group of employees. And they are doing their best to mean it.  This year, we were rewarded with Thanksgiving pies…

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Some interesting ideas to find your muse. #amwriting
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