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This is 2015.
Sony announces end of production of Betamax cassettes for March next year, 40 years after its introduction and 28 years after losing format war to VHS
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Cool read. Bring memories... 
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Here is a paper that we just submitted to ArXiv:

We prove a lower bound for distributed algorithms for the Lovász local lemma.

Recently, there have been plenty of upper bounds for algorithmic Lovász local lemma (LLL), also in the context of distributed computing. It is known that there are randomised distributed algorithms that find a correct solution in O(log n) communication rounds, at least in the special case of d = O(1). However, previously only a trivial lower bound of Ω(log* n) was known (LLL can be used to find a colouring of a cycle, and therefore Linial's lower bound for graph colouring applies).

We improve the lower bound from Ω(log* n) to Ω(log log n). This applies to any randomised Monte Carlo distributed algorithm that finds a correct solution w.h.p.

The key idea is to study two closely related graph problems: so-called sinkless orientations and sinkless colourings. It is fairly easy to solve these problems with LLL, so any lower bounds for these problems immediately imply lower bounds for LLL.

We prove the following mutual speedup lemma for high-girth graphs:

— Given an algorithm A for sinkless colouring with a running time of t, we can construct an algorithm B for sinkless orientations with a running time of t.

— Given an algorithm B for sinkless orientations with a running time of t, we can construct an algorithm C for sinkless colouring with a running time of t − 1.

Iterating the lemma, we get a correct algorithm with a running time of 0, which is absurd. For deterministic algorithms in anonymous graphs we get the speedup for free, and hence the lower bound is Ω(log n) by simply plugging in an appropriate graph of girth Θ(log n). For randomised algorithms more care is needed, as error probabilities increase, but we can nevertheless start with an algorithm that is correct w.h.p. and still reach a contradiction after Θ(log log n) iterations of the mutual speedup lemma.

While it is of course nice to have much better lower bounds for LLL, to me the most exciting part here is that this result potentially opens a new line of research related to the distributed time complexity. Overall, the landscape of distributed time complexity is a very complicated beast, but if we focus on bounded-degree graphs, natural graph problems typically fall in one of these classes:

1. Very localised problems that can be solved in time O(1) or O(log* n) in bounded-degree graphs. Typical examples include graph colouring with a sufficiently large number of colours, maximal independent sets, maximal matchings, and approximations of minimum vertex covers and minimum dominating sets.

2. Inherently global problems, with a trivial lower bound of Ω(diameter), even in the case of bounded-degree graphs. Typical examples include spanning tree constructions and maximum matchings.

Now we know that sinkless colourings, sinkless orientations, and LLL fall strictly between these two extremes:

— They cannot be solved in O(log* n) rounds, not even in the case of bounded-degree graphs.

— They can be always solved in polylog(n) rounds, even if the input graph has a linear diameter.

What would be some other graph problems that might have an "intermediate distributed time complexity" in the above sense?

#distributedcomputing   #distributedalgorithms   #lovaszlocallemma  
Abstract: We show that any randomised Monte Carlo distributed algorithm for the Lov\'asz local lemma requires $\Omega(\log \log n)$ communication rounds, assuming that it finds a correct assignment with high probability. Our result holds even in the special case of $d = O(1)$, where $d$ is the ...
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Jukka Suomela

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I was recently elected as one of the new members of the EATCS council — many thanks to all of you who voted for me!

For the record, here is the statement that I prepared for the council elections:

As promised in the statement, I will work towards promoting open access in all EATCS-sponsored events, and to increase the visibility of EATCS, the Bulletin, and theoretical computer science in general in social media.

I would be very happy to hear your thoughts on these matters, and on the activities of EATCS in general.

#eatcs   #tcs  
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Congrats :)
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Jukka Suomela

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STOC 2016 submission #300.
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Jukka Suomela

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In honour of Boole's 200th, here's his episode in the Thrilling Adventures! 1. Boole is someone I've shamefully neglected making fun of in this comic. He was a rather obscure professor of mathemati...
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This might actually be convenient.

Yes, it works so that you can have e.g. Sublime Text and Skim side-by-side, with your Latex document open in Sublime Text, and PDF preview visible in Skim.
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Jukka Suomela

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Member poll on the establishment of an open access journal of the EATCS!

#openaccess   #eatcs   #tcs  
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As rumors go, this (quasipolynomial time for graph isomorphism, improving Babai and Luks 1983 exponential in the square root of n) seems like a pretty big one.
Next Tuesday, a week from today, Laci Babai will talk at the University of Chicago about a new algorithm that solves graph isomorphism in quasipolynomial time. There should also be a follow-up talk...
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Today, SWAT signs contract with Dagstuhl for publishing its proceedings in LIPIcs for the next five years
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Fortunately Nexus 5X is coming, no need to suffer from OEM Androids.

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Mobe-makers just can't be bothered keeping Google-spawn up to date
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PODC 2016, 35th ACM SIGACT-SIGOPS Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing, will be held in Chicago on 25–28 July 2016

Call for papers: — submission deadline 12 February 2016

Call for workshops: — deadline for proposals 8 January 2016

Keynote Speakers:

— Andrew A. Chien (University of Chicago)
— Faith Ellen (University of Toronto)
— Phillip B. Gibbons (Carnegie Mellon University)

#distributedcomputing   #PODC2016Chicago  
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