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Sample apps

To help developers understand how to use the Google Cast SDK, we have open sourced various sample apps on GitHub: https://github.com/googlecast

Cast Video
Reference video player apps that conform to the Cast SDK Design Checklist (https://developers.google.com/cast/design_consider):
- Android:  https://github.com/googlecast/CastVideos-android
- iOS: https://github.com/googlecast/CastVideos-ios
- Chrome: https://github.com/googlecast/CastVideos-chrome

Cast Hello Video
Very basic video player apps for Cast using the media namespace for controlling playback:
- iOS: https://github.com/googlecast/CastHelloVideo-ios
- Chrome: https://github.com/googlecast/CastHelloVideo-chrome

Cast Hello Text
Very basic apps that show how to use a custom namespace to send messages from a sender app to a receiver app:
- Android: https://github.com/googlecast/CastHelloText-android
- iOS: https://github.com/googlecast/CastHelloText-ios
- Chrome: https://github.com/googlecast/CastHelloText-chrome

Custom Receivers
- The custom sample media receiver shows how to build a receiver application that can cast videos: https://github.com/googlecast/cast-custom-receiver
- The Cast simple receiver shows a very simple receiver : https://github.com/googlecast/Cast-Simple-Receiver
- The Cast Media Player Library sample: https://github.com/googlecast/Cast-Media-Player-Library-Sample
- The Cast player sample shows how to develop a fully UX compliant receiver: https://github.com/googlecast/Cast-Player-Sample

- The Cast support media server provides a media server for testing media streams: https://github.com/googlecast/cast-support-media-server (download media samples)
- The Cast sender tool for Chrome illustrates basic interaction with the Google Cast Chrome SDK: https://github.com/googlecast/cast-sender-tool-chrome

NOTE: For Android we have the Cast Companion Library that you can import into your existing app to add Cast support: https://github.com/googlecast/CastCompanionLibrary-android

Happy Casting!
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