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Juhani Lehtimäki
Android developer, design fan and author of Smashing Android UI book, co-creator of Lands of Ruin.
Android developer, design fan and author of Smashing Android UI book, co-creator of Lands of Ruin.

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I'm making a difference!

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OK, this is stupid beyond belief.

Firstly, you don't need a fking crowd funding campaing for a fking unitard. Also.. 95 dollars for each (+ shipping). Surely nobody would back this idiocy.. right... right???

$366,780 FFS!

FK this! I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

I'd not recommend installing O preview to a device you use daily based on my few days of use. There's some serious issues with it.

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Google Nearby API is fantastic!

I added it to the Social Steps app as well to try it out. Just press the "nearby" button in add-friends screen and the app starts broadcasting your profile and scanning for others nearby.

It's now live and graduated from beta :-)

Thank you all for testing and helping out ironing out issues! Very helpful!

I'll keep this community up and feel free to keep on posting ideas and thought here.

One last thing I'd ask: if you have time please drop by Google Play and rate the app :-)

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Social Steps is now live on +Google Play

Coming to iOS in the coming weeks. Check it out, it's free! :-)

This is an after-work project we've been working for a couple of months now. Really excited to have it out. Thanks to everyone who participated into the beta test!

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We're joining forces with KTUG Munich to help Android devs get started with Kotlin. Hosted at +JetBrains!

I wish the selection of Chromebooks available in Germany would be better... :-(

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Another really cool detail in the O notification tray:

In the BTW notification expansion the expanding text doesn't just move straight line to its end position but it first kind of moves out from its slot and then expands. Smooth :)
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