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Events cannot be scheduled on Google+ after September 12 and you will need to move existing events scheduled to happen after September 12 to YouTube Live.

So Google wants to finally kill of the only useful feature of Google+ that is left?

Any idea why did the latest Android Google+ update remove the Circles from the menu? There seems to be no way to see the Circles anymore and the weirdest thing is that the Circles display option is still available in settings, but turning it off or on does nothing.

Did the latest update break the circles function?

Why does it still take three mouse clicks to view certain circle's posts, when in old good layout it takes only one click?

In Android version old layout took 2-3 clicks, in new one it takes six clicks.

Really not user friendly at all. Please don't try to fix something that isn't broken.

Try to fix for example the Events bug that has been years in the custom header image events, when editing those events on mobile, the custom image gets replaced by a blank header image.

On desktop it looks quite clunky to have to open separately a long written post to see it fully and then have to click the top left corner arrow to get back to the stream. Google+ designers directly seem to have copied that from the mobile version and it just doesn't work at all on desktop PC.

Please remove that feature as it's working much better in the original Google+ version.

Also, Hangouts and especially Events need to stay in Google+ as easy to be used as before. I don't understand why call the new Google+ design idea easy to use/simplified, when it's much more confusing than before. Earlier everything was in a easy to use package and now you seem to force to separate everything into separate products. What is the point?

Especially weird and baffling design choice is that it seems you can't even access the old Events anymore in the new design, and of course not possible to create new Events.

Events is the most used function of Google+ in addition to Hangouts for me.

Just got an update for Android to the Hyperlapse app, but no official post here yet from the developers to tell in detail what was with the update. Version is 1.4.5640.26262

One of the updates is "more device support"


How can I request a new custom vanity URL for my football team's Google+ page. The page is now:

What Google is suggesting is and also is forcing to put random characters or numbers after that and I want instead or and nothing extra added.

There is no possibility in there to request a other custom vanity URL.

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Added photos to Suomen Regions' Cup 1. kierros FC Jukola - Sporting Kristina II.

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Worthy of a public post.

Only the Buy now/Osta nyt link is missing from the right top corner. :-)

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An awesome new idea model from +Tim Schafer and +Humble Bundle  to give people the chance to contribute directly on the next projects and get to see people actually making the projects in live stream!

Something this crazy can only come from the minds at +Double Fine Productions. 

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The day when the internet became perfect and the most awesome ever.
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