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HDR images are to photography what Justin Bieber is to music
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That darn  common core math will get you everytime.
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Ambeth has got even better
for another project I tested the Watterott RPI display and found it to be extremly useful for my older project Ambeth.

Ambeth, the TOR Gateway, Wireless Access Point and DNS Server is more flexible now with its new touch display. Especially at airports, train stations and other public access points it is now more easy to protect your data via TOR and transmit it more securely.

A quick reminder what it is:
Ambeths is :
An IEEE  802.11n WPA2 WLAN router with two access points. that build their own subnet. One is protected by a firewall the other is a gateway to the TOR Network and hides your identity when browsing, mailing and ssh'ing and all the other stuff. Now you can just decide what you want: high speed or high security with one single Plug'n'Play box.

This box is also great to secure your transmission when you use public access points for example in hotels and airports.

All is based on #raspberrypi  and #raspbian   and   #tor .
And even better: because it is all based on open source code, I'm quite sure that it has no backdoors like many of the public availabe WLAN router.
Ambeth, der TOR Gateway, Wireless Access Point, DNS Server wird jetzt durch ein Touch Display noch besser und flexibler. Gerade unterwegs, am Flughafen oder Bahnhof ist es jetzt noch leichter sich mit Ambeth zu TOR zu verbind...
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Tegan at Fingask Castle, Perthshire on her wedding day.
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Another great virtual collaboration

of great musicians. Thanks to Larry, Claudio,  José Luis and C for sharing this great interpretation of the Genesis masterpiece  "Los Endos"
#musicvideo   #music   #musicmonday  +HQSP Music  #hqspmusic  +Music Monday  #progressiverock  
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My Latest Project

a resource monitoring system based on #raspberrypi  with #raspbian  with #lighttpd  webserver, #mysql  database, #php5 , #fastcgi , ssmtp,   #midori  webclient a CSL keyboard, Watterrod LCD Touchscreen and  #edimax  WLAN for about 120€.
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404 page not found - hahahahhaha =D - Weltklasse !!!

#jokes #image #nerds  
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Gerne benutzt, immer wiedet gut!
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I'm Programmer originally shared to PHP Programmers (General Discussion):
"There has to be something funky in your data." -- Number 14 was one of our faves! Check out the Top 20 Replies by #Programmers

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