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Aim high!
Aim high!

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It's Lilac day!
Spare a thought for Sergeant Keel and his men, who did the job they didn't have to do. All the little angels rise up! #pTerry

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Free energy... yeah, right...

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Der schmerzt.... 
Wusstet ihr schon, dass man in einer Stadt in Ostwestfalen Sex-Videos mit einem RAF-Gründer gefunden hat?

Ja, man fand Baader-Porn in Paderborn.

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Has anyone actually seen the 2.0 update arrive OTA? 

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So sad.

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Little Airfix kit - Mig-29A in 1/72, Polish markings but I was a bit creative on the otherwise rather boring paint scheme 

Short question - does anyone know a way to set two different timeout periods for the Motion Sensor?

I want the lights to stay on half an hour in the evening (when it's dark enough to trigger, but using the daylight hour scene), but only 3 minutes when the nighttime scene is active...
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