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water | sanitation | imagineering
water | sanitation | imagineering
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Still valid!
I'm not really a fan of USB-C, due to what I'm gonna call its hermaphrodite port.

It's got a "female" connector, with a "male" connector inside (Edit: apparently called a tongue). This is similar to the current micro usb port. 

The issue with this is that the damn plastic on the inside (the male bit inside the female bit) breaks off pretty easily, especially when the cable gets jarred. Had this happen to several devices, rendering them useless due to a tiny piece of broken plastic. Granted, this will be less common now that the port is reversible.

Lightning port is still better IMO. From what I understand, the new lightning ports will also be backwards compatible with USB-C. Haven't seen much info on those yet though.

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I need your support

Most of you probably know that OctoPrint’s development has been heavily sponsored by BQ since August 2014, mostly by employing me (Gina Häußge) full time for working on it. If you've been following OctoPrint since before that, you've seen what enormous change in pace that has allowed me to achieve and what it has made possible. To give just one example, the plugin system was a behemoth to implement and I wouldn't have been able to make it this powerful without being able to concentrate on it exclusively.

All this would not have been possible if OctoPrint hadn't become my full time project. It wouldn't have been possible if I'd had to try to get this work done on evenings, weekends or my vacations, constantly losing focus and having to recover my steps. So far, the bill for this heavy involvement on my part has been paid by BQ. And if you look into the commit history, it becomes pretty evident how heavy that involvement really is. Sadly, due to reasons that are beyond my control, BQ’s patronage is not possible much longer. I'm indescribably grateful they've sponsored my work for as long as they did, and I fully understand the reason why that's simply not possible any more now.

I think I've created a very powerful piece of software here. I enjoy working on it, I enjoy helping people by enabling them to optimize and automate their 3d printing workflow, on top of remote controlling and monitoring their machines. I would love to continue to work full time on OctoPrint, to keep implementing the many ideas I've envisioned for it but have not yet gotten around to, like a way more granular access control system, even more extendability, making it easier to support additional printer protocols via plugins and so on. But since I have bills to pay, it isn't enough for me to love what I'm doing here, I also need to be able to afford that dedication. In a nutshell, it is plain impossible for me to spend this much time and energy on something that is not my job.

You've seen what I've been able to do over the past couple of years. I promise you that if I'm able to continue working at this level of involvement, more awesome things are going to happen. If you love OctoPrint and believe in its potential and my skills to get it there, please consider supporting me on Patreon.

My contract with BQ ends in a couple of weeks. I should hopefully still be able to continue working on OctoPrint for some time after this, to see if it becomes financially viable to commit to do this long term through community funding.

If it doesn't, I'll have to find myself a regular full time job again, and - to be completely honest here - that would probably be the end of my involvement in OctoPrint. I maintained and developed this project for one and a half years next to a full time day job as a software architect before I got hired by BQ, and from that experience I know that this won't work. I can't do this properly as an after-hours/weekend side project, and I also won't attempt that anymore considering what it did to my life and health the last time. I'm telling you this because I think I have to give you all the facts to enable you to see the whole picture and to make an informed decision, and this is sadly how things are.

But no matter how things turn out, OctoPrint will of course stay open source, and you’ll always have what’s already there to use and improve on, even if I have to step away from it.

TLDR Please support me on Patreon.

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A longer blog post about my experiences with the +BRCK - in German. 
I've been meaning to write about the Brck when I first heard about the idea (ati, when? in 2013?) and now finally had the chance to experience V1, thx to @mzeecedric who was kind enough to lend me his Brck for a test. Enjoy!

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re #ISH2015  and universal design for bathrooms (~ Barrierefreies Bauen): of all manufacturers that exhibited their plans for universal design bathrooms (which btw isn't a contemporary trend, but a legal norm), ONLY Samsung SDI really hit it spot on.

And the irony is that this sub-branch of Samsung SDI only provides the material ("Staron Solid Surfaces"), yet their (wheelchaired) designer created the ultimate solution for a hotel bathroom that follows the guidelines of universal design. 

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Nice! And as not everyone is willing to store his/her data in the cloud (~ sync your address book with Google & Co.), it would be interesting to have a storage concept for user settings that goes beyond the usual multimedia content stored on such cards.
Also, is this the rise of even more mobile devices that will eventually substitute a local computer? (~ Motorola Lapdock, which flopped).

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Beim nächsten Webmontag Frankfurt (am 9.3. um 19:30 Uhr) geht es um das Thema „Digitalisierung” und was das für Auswirkungen auf unser Arbeitsumfeld hat. 

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Die 68. Ausgabe des Webmontag Frankfurt hat mal wieder sehr viel Spaß gemacht und war ein solcher Erfolg (über 200 Besucher!), dass ich kurz zum Event gebloggt habe:

Der nächste Webmontag Frankfurt #wmfra  findet übrigens am 9. März 2015 statt und handelt vom Themenbereich Digitalisierung / Disruption. Das betrifft ja derzeit viele Bereiche und ist in seiner Tragweite sicherlich noch nicht überall richtig angekommen. 

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" Im Idealfall wird der Service-Techniker schon unterwegs sein, wenn der Kunde sich meldet."  :-D

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Rant in German about how Google dissappointed many early adopters who also provided the PR and still had to pay a lot of money for new technoloy. 
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