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Pukekos in our Garden! Normally a pair has between 1 & 3 offsprings.
This couple had 6! By the time I filmed them, one had been taken by the Hawk.

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Karl Waldvogels 90iest birthday Party at Gordonton, near Hamilton!

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Due to a Copyright Issue on some music I used, I had to re- edit
and upload this film anew. "The Matterhorn Coffee lounge was first opened in 1964 by Tony & Mary Tresch. It was the only Foodplace in wellington which sported an outdoor aerea and was a most popular place. We owned it from 1972 until 1987 when we sold it and moved to
Lambton Quay, where we ran the upmarket " the Boulevard Café".
Please note: there is a film to be found here  under this name!

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Travelling up front in the Drivers Cab of the World Famous Gotthard Railways. The Locomotive was an A/E 44 II,  with nearly 11000 horsepower, pulling eleven Waggons at speeds of up to 140km/h up and through the Mountain. Amazing Stuff!
We will never forget this unique opportunity we enjoyed that Day!

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The tiny Settlement of LakeOkareka once used to have it's own
Store & Post Office and even a Petrol outlet. Sadly this is long History
This little Film is dedicated to it's former Owners, Grahame & Dot Osbore
Regrettably, Grahame has since past away.....

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A Star is born......

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Another little bit of recorded History of the Albert & Annemarie Schweizer Family of NZ!

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This is an old family Recepie
from Switzerland. It's presently passed on from Grandad to Grand Daughter

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The Driving Lesson!
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