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Judy Helm “Auntie Artichoke” Wright
Judy Helm Wright is an international relationship expert in Resilience, Responsibility & Respect. She is also called "Auntie Artichoke" an honorary title for a wise woman who loves unconditionally.
Judy Helm Wright is an international relationship expert in Resilience, Responsibility & Respect. She is also called "Auntie Artichoke" an honorary title for a wise woman who loves unconditionally.


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Have you always wanted to write a book? Can you imagine how happy you will be when you move your manuscript from your head and heart into a real book you can hold in your hands?

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Hello from beautiful Montana, USA
How great to connect with colleagues around the world who want to support each other and our books, online courses and eBooks.

I am a prolific writer and have a number of books on Amazon. However, I always laugh when others assume I make a living from writing. All those books, but I am not as good at marketing as writing!

It would really be an honor if a few of you would check out my website and offer me some suggestions on selling books from there. I will pay the favor forward.

Fondly, Judy helm Wright--Author/Publisher/Intuitive Wise Woman

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Hello from beautiful Montana,

I would like to ask a favor from a few of you. Just paid a bunch of money for new website. Would you go there and let me know if it is easy to find my books and any general suggestions.

Judy Helm Wright--Author/Blogger/Intuitive Wise Woman

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Good Morning. Just got asked about wills and when to write them. Here is an article I wrote just for you.

Do You Have A Will? It Is Not Too Late To Write It Down
Judy Helm Wright—Author/Blogger/Intuitive Wise woman

It is not too late to draw up a will if you have not done so yet. As your life changes, your will should too. But only 14 people out of 100 bothered to update their wills or make any changes in estate documents during the previous five years.

This piece of paper may be the most important part of your estate planning because it allows you to say where your assets go.

Here are some suggestions that will make it easier for you:
• Write the will yourself. If you don’t have a large estate and your bequests are fairly simple, you can create your own will by using an online service such as or
• Another method I used with both my mother and father was to have them walk through the rooms of their house and tell me the stories associated with items and who they want to receive them on their death. Since my Mom was pretty feeble, we had her walk through the possessions in her mind.

I simply wrote down what she was telling me, including the wonderful stories. She was able to leave the most valuable part, which were the memories. It was amazing how much the grandkids valued the small knick-knacks, once they heard the stories that accompanied them.

• Ask a lawyer to prepare or review your will. Because I was the caregiver and executor we did not have it notarized. Neither my father nor mother had many financial assets to be divided. However, if you do have some valuable assets and financial stocks, bonds, and savings, you may want to have a lawyer look it over.

• Share the document with the executor or the person you have appointed as your revocable power of attorney, but keep the original in your safety deposit box.

How to guarantee your last wishes are met
• Make the right beneficiary choices. No matter how loving your family may seem, they will not be happy that cousin A got a Hummel figurine that cousin B gave you. The right beneficiary must be a person that you trust to be fair but stick to what you stated in your will.
• The beneficiary you select for your IRAs, insurance, retirement accounts and annuities are separate from those named in your will. It is important to keep these files updated.
• Don’t make the mistake of naming your estate as the beneficiary of your insurance or retirement accounts. The proceeds will become part of the estate and subject to taxes, which could leave your heirs with little or nothing.
• The main way to ensure that the person or relative receive what you intended is to give it to them now. Have a family and friends meeting or dinner and give each person a token or gift that you would like them to have.

We did this with our family a few years ago. We realized that we had jewelry and art that we had collected in our lives. It was hanging around in our drawers and storerooms. We gave these gifts with no strings attached. We told them the possible value attached and then said, “If you need a new transmission or down payment on something, for Heaven’s sake, sell it.”

We realized that they would not hold the same sentimental value to the art or jewelry and we did not want them to feel guilty if they had to sell it.

Everyone at the dinner was pleased and proud to have us physically hand him or her something that we had collected and wanted them to have.

Perhaps we can have a class or workshop at the Senior Center on writing and executing a will. We have a number of retired lawyers and estate planners as members. If you have an interest, let me know and I can organize an afternoon when we can get our affairs in order and write a will and testament.

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FREE BOOK this weekend on writing your family stories!

We all have a lifetime of stories in our memory banks. We have had life lessons that our children and their children will want and need to know. Some of the stories will just provide entertainment or enlightenment. But they will all bridge the gap between generations.

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Share these stories with your family, friends and anyone else who will listen;
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•Where did your parent’s parents come from?
•What is your favorite time of day? Of year? Of life?
•What was your biggest disappointment?
•What did you do that took courage?

A comprehensive listing of over fifty methods of writing your history. This booklet is filled with information, anecdotes, and examples to assist historians, journalists, instructors, or writers in clarifying which methods will best suit their purposes. PLEASE SHARE!
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Looking for someone to take over the Publisher's Assistant position. Must be familiar with social media and publishing. Part-time and flexible hours. Prefer to hire and retain a local team member.
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Very honored to be selected one of the top authors in Missoula, Montana, an area filled with great writers. Check out this interview to find out how I started writing.
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