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I want to turn over a question to the smart people I know: what do you call the kind of biographical data you'd put on a business card or maybe a CV? I am looking for word that will become a Term in a tool I'm building.

I'm already avoiding "profile" as too evocative of social networking, and "details" as too vague.

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Credentials? Qualifications? The right word depends on the exact details you're referencing.
It's mostly meant to be contact information type stuff. Sort of " what I want you to put in your address book about me"
"Lies" :)
More seriously, just resume..
I couldn't think of an appropriate single word, but maybe you could use an adjective, like "pertinent data" or "essential info."
This probably wasn't directed to me so I will refrain from answering. LOL
Bruce, I'm sure you have something to contribute that's at least as useful as "lies" :)
Alex, my only trouble is with "professional" - because these might be contact information about me personally. And without that, "data" is way too vague.

New way to phrase the question: what do you call the content on a business card, if it's not on a business card? And keeping in mind that I might mean "calling card" ...
Maybe you could try nouning some adjectives, like "essentials" or "vitals"; or you could go gamer with "attributes" or "characteristics"; or you could go hipster with "bottom-line" or "the low-down."
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