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Please join this fantastic group of dynamic cannabis users 

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Hooray! HB#110 needs passage!

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Are you interested?

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Gov Carney learn about drugs. So tired of your ignorance. #netDE

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My friend Greg H. has done and said it all to #Delaware
Speaker Schwartzkopf,

It is urgently important that we end cannabis prohibition and construct a taxed and regulated cannabis industry in Delaware. As you are well aware, Delaware has a proud tradition of using innovative taxation and regulation practices to allow business to thrive, but we must act now to bring this tradition to bear upon cannabis. There are three main reasons for a sense of urgency. Delay makes Delaware less competitive, less financially secure, and less safe.

Delay reduces our competitiveness. In industry, timing is critical; well-timed changes made by Delaware in financial regulation in the '80s, and alcohol regulation in the '90s, have yielded robust industries for the state in the 21st century. Changing cannabis regulation here and now would place Delaware ahead of the national and regional curve, allowing us to leverage our position amidst the country's most populous and wealthy region, to develop a robust cannabis industry here, and to punch above our weight in this emerging national market. Failure to act now ends the possibility of Delaware leading in the future cannabis industry.

Delay decreases the financial reward of legalization. Delaware faces a severe budget crisis, and ending cannabis prohibition can contribute to its resolution only if we act swiftly. With every moment of delay Delaware loses ground to other states as a destination for cannabis investment and tourism, and loses the security that would come from the multiple streams of taxation revenue possible from the cannabis industry, including sales, luxury, excise, and value-added taxation categories. What is more, the cost of continued enforcement of cannabis prohibition is staggeringly high, and fiscally unjustifiable given its low benefit to public safety.

Delay makes Delaware less safe. Prohibition has not eliminated the cannabis industry, but forced it into a black market where potential harms cannot be managed. Stakeholders in a legal, taxed, and regulated cannabis industry will work to ensure workplace safety, consumer safety, and public safety in Delaware. Legalization takes money out of the black market, and empowers Delaware to protect our children, patients, responsible adult consumers, industry workers, and public safety from the potential harms of an unregulated industry.

As a concerned citizen, and a father of young Delawareans, I urge you to act now. Legalize, tax, and regulate cannabis to make Delaware safer, more competitive, and more financially secure.

Best regards,

Gregory Hargreaves
PhD Candidate
Hagley Fellow
University of Delawareone what I can't...

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My house before hand!

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I am smitten with myself, Brandywine River Museum & Freemans Auctioneers Appraisers confirmed watercolor Maine coast line is indeed by Artist Ann Wyeth McCoy!
Self taught in Art as with all I do in life, feeling very happy & proud of myself.

Good Morning All! First State Compassion Center time in cannabis business at this point may look like.......Perfection......EXCEPT knowing this business as well as the Food industry I guess Joel knows TIME to start packaging Ounces of OUR FAVORITE stains OR have available in STOCK more strains packaged as 14 grams and 28 grams. This weeks 818 headband gave me a tension headache.
Your prices are outrageous purchasing 3.5 grams, sadly you are more expensive than Wilmington drug dealers.
Every strain is available for $55.00 SO every strain can be packaged in better quantities. I have noticed the only strains ON SALE is AC/DC or your Jet Fuel. And we know why. Enough trying to push inventory over Strains preferred by most. Please do not say we run out....Kushage on Sale in ounces gone by Noon! How dare your attendant try that line on me. I don't care for a lies, and my business and intuition background I can see your business in my minds eye. Alwasys wish great success but NOT Greed so I clearly hope competition enters the arena. ‪#‎Markell‬
As my money goes to ‪#‎firststatecompassioncenter‬ I believe State of Delaware needs to hole accountability for citizens losing there retirements. ‪#‎DHSS‬ ‪#‎MedicalMarijuana‬
Edibles I own Jude's Natural Foods Ind. Delaware S Corporation and want to take recipes for the late Jimmy's Diner original and BEST owner of the Historical Diner on Main Street that as a Charter member of the American Historical Diner Museum, securing the
building permanent stay in Newark DE. So before the venture capitalist take ‪#‎cannabis‬ for long standing Delaware citizens.
Work Hard and enjoy life later on, i worked brutally hard and losing to ‪#‎Delaware‬ MANY TIMES in the past years.
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