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Judge Rusty Johnston
Manager, Armed Alabama, LLC ● Firearms Instructor & Self-Defense Consultant
Manager, Armed Alabama, LLC ● Firearms Instructor & Self-Defense Consultant


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Dedication of Monument to General Joseph E. Johnston, CSA

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The Military Parade of the Chilean Army 9-18-17

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2016 Great Military Parade in Honor of the Glories of the Chilean Army

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How about the tortfeasor, but we need to know what jurisdiction we are in. Putin's Russia or a no fault state in the USA.
Who Is Responsible In A Rental Car Accident?

There are many serious accidents involving rental cars on Florida roads each year. Because of this, legal questions often arise after a rental car driver is involved in an accident. The most common question: Is the rental car company liable for damages because they are the owner?
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Black thugs threaten Trump:“Don’t cut my mama's food stamps off”

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"What is the Crime?" asks Professor Jonathan Turley

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"James Comey is a dirty cop" Joe diGenova, former US Atty

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New Orleans---A City of Shame
An update and the latest on "The Battle of New Orleans." Generals Lee and Beauregard and President Davis are still standing, thanks to several hundred patriots who have guarded them for days, clashing with left wing agitators at times.

Mitch Landrieu is outright crazy and a communist. The Beauregard Equestrian Statue is registered with the National Register of Historic Places and he wanted to destroy it? The statues are maintained at no cost to the City meanwhile the City continues to use public funds to build ML King monuments which it won't even care for. BTW, remember that close to $200 Bill was pumped into New Orleans after Katrina to try to save the city. When someone commented the "outsiders" had not right to comment, that's when I wrote "when you pay back to $200 Billion you may be right, until then, you aren't.

A bill is racing through the legislature which would require a vote before removal and we might win with people like Mr. Stewart (below) pushing our side.

I posted in and on their Facebook page "We stopped playing Dixie, stopped flying the Battle flag, sat silent while roads and buildings names have been changed from American heros to 'Civil Rights Leaders' that have accomplished nothing, have addressed you by what ever you have wanted ( Negro, Afro-American, African-American, Black) which changes every decade Isn't it time you all compromised just a little? Leave these monuments alone, they are not costing you one dime," I think I threw a grenade into the mix by the number of pro and neg. comments. (especially when I said "I'm successful, rich, white, and handsome" in response to a 'WHITE PRIVILEGE' comment. Judge Rusty Johnston

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Yesterday, April 4 1865 the mass murderer Abe Lincoln, took a tour of Richmond, the former Confederate capital, which his mercenary army of foreign immigrants and other unemployed types overran and sacked after, trying for almost 4 years. Lincoln would have the blood of over million souls on his hands after it was over, including several hundred thousand slaves, who were crammed into Union concentration camps where they died of disease.

Lee prepared for his last stand near Appomattox surrendering on April 9 "After four years of arduous service, marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers" (General Order 9), and Gen. Joe Johnston headquartered near Durham, prepared for a last stand in the Carolinas, refused a direct order from President Davis, to disband the armies under his command and release them into partisan forces to continue to fight, surrendering on April 26--Confederate Memorial Day.

Johnston went from this in 1860 to the photo four years later. Lee underwent similar aging.
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