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I love +Meytal Cohen, I get to appreciate these awesome songs on a couple of whole new levels. Be careful though, she knows you love to watch. Every time she chuckles to herself, she's thinking of you. true right?
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Fun. Have you ever seen Neal Pert (Rush) doing a drum tutorial? Talk about insane! I'll see if I can find one to post.
all her vids are aging - nothing added recently. apparently got a life...
I suppose it depends on what you mean by 'recently' but she does a new vid every Friday. Although she's doing a drum lesson series, I think she puts out a new cover every 2-3 weeks. Here's her youtube channel -
Ah! Got me. If you go back thru the postings, there is a gap between one year and two years past which was the original upload. Originally found these drum videos after seeing a system of a down cover where she drummed for two electric violin players (real drum, no chance of air drumming).
nice! I'd like to see that vid, gonna have to track it down.
Toxicity? Apparently after watching the vid a few times, one poster began to suspect that there were two other bandmembers on stage.
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