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Session Reports  - 
Frozen in Time Conclusion

First thing's first:

RIP Maeve the Thief and Isidore the Dwarven Priest of the Whale God.

Maeve dared to dream beyond being a simple wainwright, making a short living by her stealth, luck and wits.

Isidore was born deep under the earth and found faith in a deity of the sea. Perhaps that combination was what led him to die in that haunted glacier.

They both died climbing out of the haunted glacier while its demons yelled misunderstood warnings to them all from the infernal walls. The crevasse did them in where the T-rex, mutant ant man and killer robot did not.

Finishing Up
The party had accrued enough XP to get to level 1, so in the month between games, we leveled them up to level 1. It was a big group, with only 2 being killed in the first session (and 2 more tonight).

T-Rex and Art
I had been inserting some power glitches after the big robot fight and had the stasis field go down around the t-rex, causing its eyes to focus on the party just before the field went back up. This might've tipped them off too much but I liked the effect.

They went through this room, ignoring the art and getting to the tube.

The Menagerie
The mutant ant-man was getting pouched on by the party, getting nickled and dimed by them. I knew that the owlbear would seen come out of its field. Renee's thief wanted to hide, get away from the combat. I asked her where she wanted to hide.

"Behind the owlbear, I guess."


Eric's wizard still has the katana from the Shogunate of the Lich-Shogun. Groat made the killing blow against the ant-man. 

Then the owlbear lumbered to life. Renee's thief made a backstab against the owlbear that had no idea anyone was there. Then Groat stepped up with the katana and did a crit, finishing it with another blow.

I said that the katana, clearly magical, seemed like it was made to do this, made to behead enemies but that it clearly hungered to do something more. The katana is sleeping but can be awakened.

It was really important to figure out where everyone was. It wasn't a matter of having pieces on a map, just a matter of asking good questions when the players announce their actions.

Emergency Lighting
I had some trouble describing the time machine. Renee cautiously tapped at it with a staff and as described in the adventure write-up, a successful Luck roll means nothing happened. When her character made that roll, I described the character feeling as if they were on the edge of a terrible precipice, a bottomless pit, that they were very lucky that nothing happened due to their meddling.

They left the time machine alone.

But Eric's thief was still in the room, trying to cut out the ant-man's poison sacs. He was successful but couldn't get out of the room, as he didn't have the gold pass-key. When the stasis fields came down, the thief hid successfully while the 3-headed tiger devoured the human and the walrus man backed up to the door, claws and tusks at the ready. The slug climbed to the ceiling.

They went back for the thief and the tiger was sated, fat and content from devouring the human. Knowing that the t-rex was waiting for them above, they climbed into the room where the yeti had been, using their rope and grappling hook to good effect.

The yeti had left when the explosions hit. The crevasse claimed 2 lives when Eric's wizard failed to cast Feather Fall. But their bodies were retrieved.


I love how the power going out changes the rooms entirely, letting beasts out and making levitation tubes into dangerous smooth surfaces to climb.

Describing modern things to a non-modern mind is fun and funky, though sometimes I'd just say it, "If this was a movie, the audience would recognize the Mona Lisa but you'd just all see it as a woman with an enigmatic smile in an odd dress." Though I insisted on calling the laser rifle a stringless crossbow.

I have to learn the characters' names now that they are first level.

Next Up
Doom of the Savage Kings!

Thank you, +Renee Knipe, +Eric Duncan, +Rachel E.S. Walton for playing.
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I played it as a 0-level funnel, too. The 2nd-level characters are a different set. Strange as it sounds, this one group of players had three sets of characters, survivors of three different adventures of different levels that I really wanted to run. I'm getting them to merge that down to one as fast as possible, and at our next session it'll all be one huge mob of about 20 PCs ranging from 1st to 3rd. That's one reason I'm hoping for maximum carnage at the next game, to winnow down the group to something manageable.
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Judd Karlman

Shared publicly  - 
Magic Sword Auction

In a fantasy D&Dish world some group of 2nd level adventurers are starting to feel like bad-asses. They've hauled a powerful magic sword out of a faraway ruin and want to sell it.

There's no such thing as magic shops - magic just doesn't work that way. They decide to auction the magic item off to the highest bidder. Word spreads as they hunker down in a big, comfortable city, hosted by a metropolitan inn whose ambitious innkeeper thinks the business from the auction could pull her place out of debt.

Describe someone who shows up to buy this sword?*

*All answers could be included in a future blog post linked to this thread.

End Note: Thank you to everyone who contributed. The inn is at capacity. Have a wonderful weekend!
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Judd Karlman

Sad & Miserable: The Secret Lives of Stand-Up Comics  - 
A comedy boom is in full swing right now, and doesn't show signs of slowing down anytime soon.
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Seriously, check out Vatterot's CD. It's brilliant. 
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Judd Karlman

Actual Play Reports  - 
First game of our Blades in the Dark Trilogy with +Jason Bowell, +Robert Bohl, +Jason Corley and +Richard Rogers.

The Charterhall Walking Guild was once a legitimate gentle-folk who got together to discuss community issues and walk in the brisk night air, back when the Charterhall area had gentle-folk, before it all went to hell. Nowadays, the C.W.G. is a band of thieves with a fine library and connections among the sailors, deadland scavengers and carriage drivers.

They used to answer to Roric, so they were surprised when in the middle of planning a job Roric's ghost appeared with an axe in his head, asking for vengeance against his second-in-command, Lyssa. They asked their former boss how much such vengeance would gain them and he offered a cache of silver in volume equal to a husky Duskwall child. 

They had a plan. They'd get Lyssa to buy drugs from the Lampblacks. They'd get the Red Sashes to crash the deal and make off with the drugs. They'd frame Lyssa for the whole thing, convincing both sides that Lyssa had set them up.

It is a mess of a plan. I'm not sure we all got it but we went with it and got moving.

Holtz the Cutter went to meet with the leader of the Red Sashes, cut down some Lampblack kids to prove his loyalty.

Cyrene and Pool go to Lyssa and find out that she hired Ulf Ironsblood as new muscle. They convince her. Turns out Ulf is very superstitious and thinks Cyrene is a "wyrding woman."

Then Canter, the mastermind behind the mission goes to his contact in the Lampblacks. He rolls and fails, hitting 3 of 4 necessary effects.

So, that is where we start next game. Pool is sneaking out Lyssa's  HQ, a beached whaling dreadnought. Canter is with the Lampblacks, having NOT convinced them to take part in a drug deal that is the cornerstone of his plan. Holtz is with the leader of the Red Sashes, having sex with her in her armored carriage after murdering a Lampblack kid for her.

Do you roll the Action and Effects dice at the same time?

Is it a separate Devil's Bargain and/or Backup stress for both Action and Effect?
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Jason came up with an overly-complicated mess of a plan. I had him summarize it and what each play would be doing.

Then I cut to the actions of what they had to do. When they were confused as to their goals, I cut back to a scene with Jay's character, explaining what their character's role was in the scam.

It went alright...I needed another hour of play to bring it all together.

Next week!
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"Every half-dead would-be crimelord pushing an oar on a prison hulk, every hanged fool, every cutpurse rotting in a sunless cell all have one thing in common, they were let down by the weak link in their crew. If you don't have each other, you have nothing but an oar, a length of rope or a dank cell."

 - Old Jenny Corners, you know her, sitting on the corner, smoking her pipe, watching the young'uns do their dirt.

Inspired by an IM conversation between me and +Jim DelRosso 
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Perhaps not but in the end isn't everything about the wire? :p
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Judd Karlman

Session Reports  - 
Frozen in Time
as a 0 level funnel

First thing's first...

Rest in Peace
Nannie Milhaus Cromwell the smith, femoral artery pierced by Bore Bugs

Delbret the Beepkeeper, skull crushed like a grape by a robot's pincer-hands, skull cavity licked thoroughly by Carl the Pig (not a nickname, an actual pig)

Hugo trading for a grappling hook and a Holy Symbol of the Whale God just outside the caves with the locals who came to watch the crazy foreigners go into the haunted glacier.

Players winning the yeti over with food when fire didn't work.

Groat the Slave, in the midst of the battle with the robot, praying over his strange shaped rock to the Chaos Gods for aid - no response. 

Players wrapping the robot up in a chain, winning a big Strength test and holding it down for a while. Once 5 PC's were holding the chain, I asked them to make a Strength roll vs the robot, with the highest Strength modifier and the players rolling a d30 vs the Robot's d20. They won and held it down for a bit.

Then was a funky moment where Groat gumbled, Eric rolled on the fumble table and rolled a 16+ but with the robot subdued, it made more sense for a really bad fumble to mean cutting the chain and with the group's blessing, that is what I did.

Then Groat picked up the katana of the Enteral Shogunate of the Lich Shogun, fumbling and cutting the chain that was holding down the robot.

Group killing the robot just before it could kill Groat.

Llaras fitting into the Petal Knight's full plate armor after making the roll of a 17 on a Luck check.

E: Llaras would like to wear the armor. Does it fit?

J: I dunno. Make a luck roll!

There are a whole lot of slow, even nearly harmless rooms but that ramps up the tension for those rooms where there is a whole lot at stake. Fun times for my first time as a DCCRPG Judge!

Thanks +Rachel E.S. Walton, +Renee Knipe and +Eric Duncan for playing.

Level 1!
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i am sorry that i might came off high-handed in my comment. i am certainly not trying to preach what is and what should be i am just trying to grok what is funnel both as an adventure and aleatory integral part of character creation process.
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Judd Karlman

Rulings & House-rules  - 
Was reading +Claytonian JP's blog and found this list of DCCRPG houserules. I love the different class' view of the universe too.

What are your DCCRPG house-rules?
House rules. Shields shall be splintered. If someone is healing you (lay-on hands or first aid check), you may spend your own luck to increase their roll. You may also spend a luck point to re-roll a hit die when healing. To level up, one needs to engage in some sort of activity that speaks to ...
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Thanks. Game's in an hour now and I put together a 2 page proposed house rules reference document for it that we are going to vote on before game starts.
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Judd Karlman

DCC-specific Discussion  - 
An idea for a 0-level funnel, humans only.

I blame +Dyson Logos.
The Duke of Alderbridge turned his back on the River Gods his family has worshipped for generations and was purified by the priests of a new faith, a god of humans, the prime primate, the First Man...
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Session Reports  - 
More Gary Con info, please!

Best Character Death You Witnessed:

Best Character Cheating Death You Witnessed:

Best Judge Moment:

Also, feel free to reply if you didn't go to Gary Con but have cool answers from your recent play.
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Indeed I did, +James V West! I blame auto fill and NyQuil 😄
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Judd Karlman

DCC-specific Discussion  - 
This is a bit off-tone for my general view of DCCRPG but it was fun to write up while I finish up the Githyanki Lich-Queen and Greyhawk's Council of 8 as wizard's patrons.
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We need DCC Githyanki.
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Judd Karlman

DCC-specific Discussion  - 
Quests fascinate me.

Could anyone tell me about what kind of questions occurred in their game?

Thank you.
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oh, yes. excellent, as always, +Harley Stroh module blades against death is basically raise dead spell in the form of the quest. you want to bring a dead ally back. sure, quest for it in the halls of mandos. 
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Sad & Miserable: The Secret Lives of Stand-Up Comics  - 
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Yeah I think I might go into some of these billion and one other ones based on the guest when I get to the stage of having to come up with oracle entries for the game.
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