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I gotta stop doing weird google hangouts with friends...

Ok so google+ is still here now what

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Went to the  #TajMahal  yesterday and shot this on my  #Lumia1020  . I'm super impressed with the quality this little phone puts out. Also, I'm now on  #500px  so follow me there and stuff!

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+Dell quietly launch their 'New XPS 15' laptops, backed by a LED screen with a 3200 x 1800 resolution! #dell     #windows8      #newxps15   #qHD  

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Should be a fun time. Come join the hang out if you have time!
Join us next week for an exclusive insight into the minds of Telstra's resident product experts, David Saidden and Nathan Azouz, as we discuss 'Mobiles 2020.' The forty minute event is Telstra's first
+Google Australia Hangout and will feature questions from industry bloggers, including +Josh Berg, +Michael Faro-Tusino, +Jens Garcia, +Jubbin Grewal and +Norman Ma. 

Watch the event on our page or on +YouTube, and join the conversation using #Mobiles2020  or  #TelstraHangout . See you there!

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New Google+ layout feels like there is a LOT of wasted space around. 

+Michael Shvartsman +Brian Khan Can you guys think of a light laptop on which you can also play games? Like lighter than the m14x? It's too bad Ultrabooks are still too new to fit proper graphic cards in them.

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Google glasses seems to be quite useful it seems. Pictures aren't half bad either
"Sir, during the concert you have to take that off"

On Friday night we went to the Bonobo concert at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. Of course I wore my Google Glass. 

They didn't stop me at the door.
The woman checking tickets didn't stop me.

So I wormed my way down to the front row where I stayed the entire time. Two feet in front of me was a security guard. He didn't say anything during the first act, but at the end of the second act he leaned over and said "during the concert you'll need to take those off."

I asked him if he was going to take away everyone's smartphone. "No," he answered, "we don't care about those as long as they don't record the show." 

That gave me my chance. "I won't record with these, do you want to see how they work?" 


So, I let him try my Glass. I showed how he could tell whether or not I was recording (the light in the Glass is on). He was so excited he called over his friends. Let them all try them on too. Smiles all around.

That's why I was allowed to keep them on, and, even shoot a few short videos, just to see the audio quality for that purpose (I was right in front of the speakers, so some of the audio was overdriven).

Turns out it takes decent photos at a concert, although the lens is too wide angle. Video from it comes out smooth (turns out it's easier to hold your head steady than your hands, so video with this on is smoother that shot on a smartphone).

By the way, Bonobo rocked the house. Listen to his music at

May 5, 2013
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