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In a few hours I'm GMing my first Firefly, and in fact, my first Cortex+ game.

I think I grok most of the rules (they're quite nice and intuitive), except for one detail: when someone takes part in a High Stakes exchange and they're Taken Out, why don't they get a Complication?

I get that they can have complications from jinxes, etc, and also that they can choose to spend a PP and get a Complication to stay in the fight. But assuming they don't...?

For example, if Baddie (an NPC) shoots Hiro (a PC) in a High Stakes fight and lands a bullet into him, Taking him Out, wouldn't make sense for Hiro to have a Complication related to the fact the he's just being shot down? It seems that it would give the character something to Recover from...

I'd get the feeling that the answer is "depends on the situation". But I've been carefully reading Taking Out samples in the book and no one mentions any Complication as the result of being Taken Out.


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One way to look at it is this.

In traditional RPGs, you look at your character sheet and figure out what to do.

In Cortex Plus RPGs, you decide what you want to do, then look at your character sheet to figure it out how to do it.


In traditional RPGs you decide what to do, describe how it happens, then roll the dice to see if you do it.

In Cortex Plus RPGs you decide what to do,  roll the dice, and figure out what actually  happened. :-)
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Elias Vas's answer: The Pokemon you catch vary in each location, for example near a sea you should find much more Water-type Pokemon than in a grassy area or a city. Although, if you are looking for a general rarity tier list, this should do the trick! P.S (the tier list is not mine and it is ba...
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No sé cuán fiable es. Y, por supuesto, no están todos los Pokémon.
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Battlestations is a space combat and exploration boardgame with a strong narrative-RPG flavour. Thematically and tonally, it should appeal to Bulldogs! players... Playing Bulldogs! and resolving space combat with Battlestations is something I want to try.

(I hope this post doesn't break community's nettiquete. I have no connection whatsoever with Battlestations or its publisher, other than being a happy player. And, its Kickstarter campaign is live, for another 18 days, but the game has already been funded.)
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I recently bought the phone-app version of the GALAXY TRUCKER board game by famed Czech game designer
Vlaada Chvátil.  It is also vaguely like Bulldogs!, but the ships are worse than rust-bucket ships, you have a mad scramble to make ships out of modular spare-parts from a junkyard, then you run the ships across a space gauntlet as you deliver cargo.  Roll dice to determine meteor strikes and pirate attacks.
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Juanma Barranquero

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As part of an ongoing (and very interesting) discussion about the Improved Words of Power rules, +Nathan Hare asked about limiting Success at a cost.

And suddenly I realized that FC does not forbid, I think, to succeed at a cost in a dice roll where you cannot succeed at all. I mean, if the difficulty is +10 and the character can only roll the dice and, at most, invoke a couple of Boosts or Aspects, so their maximum roll (taking everything into account: other player's help, advantages, etc.) is +8, what do you do, as GMs? Do you allow the player to "roll" (so to speak), or just rule that it is impossible?
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+Malcolm Reynolds Absolutely, although I'm somewhat thrown off by the phrase "trash a story", which seems to presuppose that the GM has planned a story out in advance. Unless you mean "one roll solving all of the character's problems" or what have you. In which case I agree.

I also think that clever solutions shouldn't be a narrow category; anything that could conceivably help the characters efforts based on the game's premise/genre should count, and thus allow a roll.

That also leads us back to the importance of discussion among the group as far as the game's assumptions/premise/genre. The sorts of actions that allow for a roll, and what sort of actions count as creating an advantage/overcoming an obstacle vary greatly by genre.

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This is surely the best description of Atomic Robo RPG ever:
The basic Atomic Robo assumption is that all science works like archaeology does in Indiana Jones. Entomology leads to giant ants, computer science leads to A.I. or the end of the world, Egyptology leads to steam-powered pyramid tanks, geology leads to lost worlds at the center of the earth, and EVERYTHING leads to punching nazis.
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That's right, think big.  You have all of Action Science to play with, when Indiana Jones was merely Action Archeology.
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(Mis disculpas a los jugadores de Pokémon experimentados; esto es para los que, como yo, a duras penas sabían deletrear Pikachu...)
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A type chart listing the strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon type.
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Muchas gracias! 
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Juanma Barranquero

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Buenas a todo el mundo. Soy Lektu (en Ingress, en Pokémon GO y básicamente en la vida real), o Juanma Barranquero.
Aún no tengo nivel para elegir color (me he instalado el juego esta mañana, con la versión oficial), pero ya soy rojo en lo profundo de mi corazón...
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Por cierto, que no lo he dicho: Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona (por metro Diagonal y por Urquinaona), ocasionalmente El Vendrell o Tarragona. 
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Juanma Barranquero

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I'd like to ask for help from Aperita Arcana / Collectanea Creaturae experts about adapting giants (stone giants, most likely) as PCs. One of my players wants to play a semi-giantess (half-human, half-giant, that is). Any pointers or ideas?
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Glad to help +Juanma Barranquero​! It gives us something to do while we are bored at our day jobs. :-P
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Juanma Barranquero

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Having trouble with MapQuest: 

No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 403.
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