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The ongoing search for MH370

A participant in the MH370 blog has sent me privately a Tomnod photo dated March 17 and two blow ups of an object in this photo. I want to throw them out there for all MH370 followers to see your reaction.

The interesting thing is the location. It is at 7.48n and 109.61e. This is in the South China Sea approximately east of where oil platform engineer Mike McKay said he saw the flash in the sky.

This of course would completely discount the entire return over the peninsula and the South Indian Ocean scenario. It would mean cover up and lying at the highest levels.

This contributor believes the picture may be of several rafts (escape shuts) lashed together and perhaps not all inflated fully with an orange canopy overhead that may show the letters/numbers SOS370.

I have blown up the photo myself and still cannot decide if my eyes are fooling me. If indeed wreckage was drifting eastwards it might end up in the Spratleys or the Phillipines eventually.

I'm curious what you think? My premise was always based on accepting the statement that the plane had turned back. Perhaps this was all a deliberate canard. If the plane crashed in the South China Sea, it is a terrible situation that governments have been lying all along.

As I have previously said nothing should be off the table with respect to MH 370.
Do you see a possible SOS in the photo?The red pencilled in section is done by the contributor.

Any thoughts where these rafts if that is what they are might end up?


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